Contagion (2011)
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One of Soderbergh's best: As an epidemic of a lethal airborne virus - that kills within days - rapidly grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself.

Contagion film is not far from the truth, warns virus scientist.

Some fine minor rolls: Demetri Martin, Bryan Cranston, Elliott Gould.
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I enjoyed the movie. I liked the part where Mark Wahlberg had his shotgun and was ready to shoot the boyfriend after he pulled the kid off his daughter. Jennifer Ehle is always a treat.
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You probably got Mark Wahlberg confused with Matt Damon which I can understand.

I liked this movie, but it wasn't something I felt I ever needed to rewatch. I suppose it wasn't as 'fun' a movie as Outbreak which I am more likely to rewatch even if to laugh at (been awhile since I saw it, I mainly remember Letterman randomly saying "We got to find that monkey!" a few times long after that movie left theaters). I did appreciate that the film portrayed Jude Law's character in a way where even though I was pretty confident he was a bullshit artist it was still easy to wonder if he was really on to something... cause that's how they get ya. I guess where it fell somewhat flat for me was I just didn't really care too much about Matt Damon's story.
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You probably got Mark Wahlberg confused with Matt Damon which I can understand.

Thank you, yes. The standard middle-aged white father character. Interesting that there isn't enough to that the part to make it memorable. I usually don't confuse actors like that.

The Jude Law character's story arc is probably what makes the movie most remarkable. That is definitely something that would happen; the use of social media is very good.
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I have an odd fondness for pandemic movies and this one is a great thriller. My only knock against it is that the wider devastation never fully comes across. They mention the body count but it never quite feels as bad as it clearly is.

Amazing cast and Soderbergh knows how to direct.
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So...basically Pandemic: the Movie? Rather than go out to the theater with all those infectious people, I may just play the game again. Over the internet. Safe in my hermetically sealed apartment.
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I loved this film except for all the bits with Jude Law which I totally hated. It felt like he'd wandered in from another movie; I still don't know what the point of that whole subplot was.

So...basically Pandemic: the Movie?

Hah, my co-workers got me to play Pandemic at lunch a few years ago and I was, "So this is Contagion: The Game?"
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I guess where it fell somewhat flat for me was I just didn't really care too much about Matt Damon's story.

I wonder how much that's on purpose. He's a good and dependable and completely boring fellow, and he exists in this movie primarily to be a focal point to see some other interesting things happen, both of which are helped to explain by this dullness. His wife has some extra-marital shenanigans which complicate the plot with regards to tracing the origin of the disease and his kid... well, kid gonna kid and as a boring and play-it-safe person driven to over-protectiveness (or is it over-protective?) caution she doesn't take him seriously.

I haven't seen it since the theater and one of the things that really stuck with me as so very believable was the kiddo sneaking out and viewing that first kiss as totally worth the risk. It's so very much in keeping with the intensity of that age and her father's keep it in your pants you have a whole lifetime to do this so long as you make sure you have one is so very understandable from here in my 40s. Their inability to understand each other on this feels more real than maybe anything else in this very real feeling movie.

When I saw this movie I wasn't a parent yet but it still managed to make me think dude you are so not right in your handling of this while at the same time being completely understandable to me. That's probably one of the things that really hooked me on this movie. People make mistakes that feel human in scope and do things that seem like they're a bad idea without being full on oh man this is such a mistake how could you or being complete villains. Not just the Jude Law ambiguity, but things like Fishburn opening his mouth in a way he shouldn't and where he holds back.
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Big fan of any film that features Gwyneth Paltrow dying a horrible death in the first ten minutes.

I wouldn't wish an actual human death IRL, but I can still savor a simulated death from a repellent person.
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I just started watching this at five in the morning a couple of days ago in a fit of insomnia, and could not stop despite needing to sleep. I especially appreciate the quiet unfolding of the catastrophe. Nothing about the trajectory of events seems especially forced. Terrible mistakes are rendered completely comprehensible, and all the more terrifying for it. Certain impulsive decisions are shown to be crucial or awful only in retrospect, which is part of what keeps this feeling so real. Fishburne, Ehle, and Winslet's performances are all outstanding.
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