I Feel Bad: Pilot; I Get Sick of Being Needed (episodes 1 and 2)
September 21, 2018 6:22 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Emet makes an effort to be the opposite of her judgmental mother, Maya, but her limits are tested when her daughter, Lily, joins a provocative dance team. / When Emet's parents temporarily move in, she becomes overwhelmed and finds a sneaky way to get a much-needed break.
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I've got mixed feelings on this one -- I like the casting of the family members and their interactions. But considering how much heinous misogyny there is in the actual gaming industry, the antics of Emet's coworkers fell flat, and I'm not really interested in an entire season of ironic sexism.
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I feel the same way. The family's good, the workplace stuff needs to go.

And even if it does, this is (so far) at best a background sitcom -- something to put on while we're working on something that doesn't occupy 100 percent of our attention.
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I basically liked it. I'm a little iffy about the game dev aspect, too. It feels like a convenient setting to work-in a lot of stock gags. I hope the next few episodes improve, though. These two episodes really felt like the show is trying way too hard.
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If you come out of this thinking "This show is not great, but Sarayu Blue sure is," then head on over to Netflix and watch her co-star in the short-lived No Tomorrow. An imperfect show hampered by milquetoast leads, but original in its way, with clever writing, some unexpected plot directions, and Blue as the heroine's drolly hilarious and omnisexual BFF.
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