Fear the Walking Dead: MM 54
September 22, 2018 9:12 PM - Season 4, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Difficult decisions lead the group into uncertainty; Alicia delivers on a promise to Charlie.

As you can tell from the title, this is the Birthday Episode where Mo-Mo finally turns the big 5-4!

If only there were cake. Instead, we learn Martha’s name (it’s Martha) and that mile marker 54 is where her husband slowly died after a car accident and nobody came to help. So now she doesn’t help anyone except to help them become undead so she can use them to chomp on the next person she helps.

Jumping back to the washed-out present where Martha has shredded the truck with Al’s van, there is a brief standoff before the truck blows up, Martha drives off with a bit of a bullet (bird shot?) wound, and Mo-Mo and the New Crew have to keep ahead of a growing zombie herd. They eventually find a hospital, which is great for getting everyone patched up, but not so great when they realize they didn’t secure an exit (or two or three) and instead get chased up to the roof.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Alicia are off for a beach vacation, but call it good enough when they hit a new big body of water and John’s hat. (And probably John and Strand, too, but that’s a cliffhanger to be resolved in a week or two.)

Two more episodes before the big season finale.
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Oh yeah, Jim got bit. Not sad about that at all. It was pretty funny how he was all “Sorry, Mo-Mo, for blaming you for everything when you keep saving my ass” and then two minutes later got all pouty about how they were doomed and it was all Mo-Mo’s fault again.
posted by jimw at 9:17 PM on September 22, 2018

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