Maniac: Utangatta
September 24, 2018 10:32 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

More C Pill.

Owen and Annie meet again as a disgraced Icelandic spy and a CIA operative who helps him. Greta implores James to shut down the trial.
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Oh man I knew it was coming, but that scene in the field with Anne and Ellie....I cried.
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Also Snorri! Snorri was so delightful. I was cracking up during the shoot out.
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Also: that moment where Owen is asking Annie how she knows Grimsson, and she says "he's my handler." I got the chills. Not only was it a tight callback, but it's a signal of the depth of the connection that Owen & Annie have formed, and also that Grimsson is about to function as an overall asset for Owen rather than a liability.

It also cemented my confidence that this wasn't going to end like some other shows that are easy analogues for their sheer open weirdness (Lost or Twin Peaks) but ultimately suffer somewhat for lack of a narrative anchor / skeleton.
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