The Gifted: eMergence
September 25, 2018 6:26 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The remaining members of the Mutant Underground have relocated to Washington, D.C., where Sentinel Services is being even more ruthless about tracking down mutants. The Inner Circle confronts Reeve Payge over her unsanctioned actions.
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That was a fast-paced season premiere. The pacing is so fast in fact that I'm not really sure what to make of the premiere other than I want to see where it's going. The characters are still set from last season, but I was impressed with Reed and Lauren accepting that Andy left, and not surprised that Kate having a hard time and risking everything to find him. Same goes for Marcos.

The new girl, Cristina, remains to be developed, but I'm glad they're bringing in more people of color to the show (as well as Reeva casually dropping a line about not being accepted because of her skin color, and then her powers; it's refreshing that shows like these are so matter-of-factly about real world social problems while still maintaining their own world-building). And giving John and Clarice and the group a dependent to watch out for always make for good plot points. They zoomed right past the conversation of "maybe she needs to go to Baltimore with the rest of the refugees, but oh wait her sister is still out there", which felt like it missed an emotional step, but worked well for the pacing they're adhering to.

So it was inevitable that Reed's suppressed powers would eventually come back. I mean, that's just expected genre-show writing. I wonder what it could be, given his powerful family. Stephen Moyer just can't be in a show where he doesn't have any powers, can he?
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oh good they got the refugees away from washington.

all the way out to baltimore!

*checks map*

oh. a solid c- for effort, guys.
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as someone who lives in DC, lemme tell you, when someone tells me to go to Baltimore, it's like a whole... thing, I gotta plan it out and maybe let's see how traffic on 95 is gonna be and ugh what a bother
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Solid comback. Love the characters.
Still the most x-men-ey thing in TV or movies.
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