Special Event: MLB baseball playoffs 2018: wildcard games and division serieses
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Come on in here to discuss the baseball playoffs as they get underway!
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Super grateful I lost the extra weight I had last year. Otherwise, this thing going to extras might have given me a heart attack.
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Is there an app I can get that will mute Alex Rodriguez and replace him with more Jessica Mendoza?
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Hooray can't wait to discuss with everyone! As a long suffering Brewers fan, I have Feelings.
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I'm trying to not let this game get to me as I know tomorrow is going to potentially be even more stressful as an As fan, but this has been quite the game.
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Two teams you'd think would score more than 1 run each by top 11 that's for sure.
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Javy Baez is up.

I have siblings I do not like as much as I like Javy Baez.
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Apparently he's full of love.
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If I was commissioner of baseball I would declare this game a tie due to unstoppable friendship
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Maddon galaxy-braining his rotation apparently worked out so far.
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Oh man oh man. Baseball!
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Yes! Rockies advance! Hoping for an Astros/Rockies or Astros/Brewers World Series.
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What a crazy crazy game
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I loves me some post-season baseball!

That said...I watched the Cubs/Rockies game last night and just wanted to throw something through the tv because of ESPN's loathesome audio design throughout the game. They were doing this thing where they'd goose the field audio level just at the moment the pitched ball got to the plate. So, what you heard was


pitch after pitch after pitch, all game long.

I think they do this so they can get a big loud cannon-like crack of the bat, should a player hit the ball. But it's such a headache-inducing thing to listen to for an entire game. I've heard this in other games this year, too, but not all of them, so I don't know what makes them decide to do it in one game and not another. Or, is it the preference of whatever director or sound engineer is working the particular game? Either way, it's annoying as all get-out to these ears.
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MLB brass tried hard to throw this game to the Cubs, but their anemic offense in the second half of the season just couldn't produce any runs.

Can someone explain how the Baez hug is not offensive interference?
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Yeah, that hug was definitely interference. I can't understand how it wasn't ruled as such, either.
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Can someone explain how the Baez hug is not offensive interference?

As an umpire and a Cubs fan...no, I'm not sure I really can. (And thank you for not calling it obstruction, which is the defense hindering the offense. Interference is the correct term.)

On the wide shot, you can see that by the time Baez made Arrenado chase him down, he had no chance to get Contreras at first. Since there actually has to be hindrance to make a call, that may have entered the MLB umpires' minds. I'm probably calling it on the Little League fields I work though; offense should get little to no benefit of the doubt on a play like that.

Arrenado didn't help his case by leaning into the hug and not trying to throw to first. But I wouldn't have been having a fit about it, as a Cubs fan, had it been called.
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Can someone explain how the Baez hug is not offensive interference?

The only thing I can think of is similar to what stevis23 said, and that's because he didn't even try to throw to first for the double play. I've certainly seen other situations where because the player didn't make a motion to either advance or throw or whatever the umpires felt they couldn't award the extra penalty. I remember watching an A's game where the ball went into the dugout, but the umps felt the player on first didn't make enough of a move to advance, so only got to second instead of third.
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Carillon, fyi, moving to advance has no bearing on a play like you describe.

Any ball thrown out of play* is always a two-base award. Either from the base occupied at the time of the pitch, if it's the first play by an infielder (which I'm guessing it was in your sitch), meaning the batter-runner would get second. Or, the time of throw--not when it went out of play, when it was thrown--on any other play.

*except by a pitcher engaged on the pitching rubber, where it's one base.
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Hey that's how the umps explained it on the A's game and they sent the runner back, so perhaps they made a mistake.
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There is no god.
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That was a painful game to watch.
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Oakland sports is...Oakland sports. There really is no other term for it. I will be delighted to see the back of the Raiders (I am cackling at Jon Gruden proving himself to be what everybody thought he would be) but the A's just can't help but break my damn heart every time.

This team had no business in the playoffs so what am I crying about, but DAMN. Just once JUST FUCKING ONCE can't we pull something off?

No? Well OK. At least our uniforms are snazzy and I will rock that Brandon Moss jersey till the day I die. And the Josh Phegly jersey. That's right! Want to fight about it!? I'm not mad! You're mad!
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Clevelander here, leaving work early tomorrow to watch the first game versus the Astros.

Was hoping the A's would've stayed in. Agh.

And hoping our terrible, awful, no good, very bad team logo character doesn't once again curse us in the post season as it has done so many times before.
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I don't care who you're rotting for: the Cubs are out and that means no more Javy Baez this year, and we're all poorer for that.
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We're plenty rich. We have Yelich. Read his piece in the players' tribune.

You sound like a Cubs fan and I'm a Brewers fan, so we aren't going to see eye to eye. But I am fine with not seeing or hearing anything about Baez until next April.
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I fully believe Christian Yelich is a better player than Baez. So if what entertains you is watching performance, he's your guy. He's going to be MVP for a reason.

But Baez is more fun to watch play than anyone , imho, and it isn't close. That weird knack for tagging? Forcing multiple throwing errors on a single play? Stealing home? Hitting homeruns off his shoelaces? It would be one thing for him to accomplish all of that stuff, but he's also clearly having the time of his life doing all of that.

He's just a joy to behold.
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I went to minimum 10 games a year in Houston for the last 25.

Been to Astros games in 13 cities.

Went to games 5 years ago with literally fewer than 2,000 people on the stadium.

Then, a year and a half ago, I moved to Holland, where West-coast starts are 0400 local.

I’m not even close to mad.

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If the Red Sox blow this lead I'm gonna... I dunno. I'm gonna be upset.
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I thought it was bad growing up a Yankees fan in NH; being a Yankees fan and living 5 minutes from Fenway is TERRIBLE, especially during these fake rallies.
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So who's watching this thing? I'm for the Red Sox but haven't followed the Yankees this year and it's nice to see Andrew McCutcheon.
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I am. It sure would be nice for the Sox to turn it around.

I thought it was bad growing up a Yankees fan in NH

I didn't know you were a Yankees fan. Next time there's an ice cream meetup I'll be sure to give you a stern look over my chocolate chip cone.
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Yeesh, I knew Houston was good and Cleveland had some obvious weaknesses, but this series so far is just painful to watch
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Fun to hear Bob Uecker excitedly calling the end of the Brewers game.
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Ugh. Now I remember why I avoid Braves games. That annoying and, frankly, embarassing tomahawk chop chant.
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While the chop is terrible, I realized earlier last week that I'm over the David Justice/Ron Gant Braves of the 90's that used to just work my Dodgers.

Maybe it's former Dodger Charlie “Swung on and a high fly ball into deep left field … Would you believe a home run!? And the Dodgers have clinched the division and they’ll celebrate on schedule" Culberson. Maybe it's because Matt "Bison" Kemp and Juan "Juanny Beisbol" Uribe went there after the Dodgers. Whatever it is, I don't hate the Barves anymore.

Anyway, here's to another exciting game today.
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7-0 in the 4th. This is a Sox / Yankees game I can get behind.
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I'm in anti-jinx mode and have nothing to say, but I'm here.
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OMG Brock Holt!
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With a home run off the Yankee's "pitcher."
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First player to hit for the cycle in postseason history!
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And, apparently, that was the biggest loss ever for the Yankees in postseason history.
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Not big enough.
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So who are we thinking will win the whole thing? I would be beyond happy if my Brewers won their first World Series ever but.... all the teams left in it are pretty scary.
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(Sorry, I know I'm supposed to stick to the DS here. But I'm just so excited!)
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So who are we thinking will win the whole thing?

As more-or-less an NL person, I'll be happy with either the Brewers or Dodgers. But, yeah, the Brewers would be a nice victory.

As for the DS, I'll be greatly disappointed if Boston doesn't finish the Yankees tonight.
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Welp, Cleveland was routed. Badly. Guess I'll try to root for the Brewers now.
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As much as I'd love for the Sox to win it all, after the season they've had with Cora, I don't know if they will. I'll be happy if they get to the ALCS.
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I don't trust the Red Sox bullpen. The thought of Joe Kelly pitching with a trip to the World Series on the line terrifies me.
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Oh swell, Kimbrel is choking.
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Jesus. Kimbrel’s gonna blow the win, isn’t he? Get someone up in the pen, fercryinoutloud.
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It's going to come down to a challenge. Great.
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Well, that was Dramatic.
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My aching hamstrings, that was a hell of a stretch.
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The Red Sox have beaten the Yankees.
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For a few minutes it was looking like Craig Kimbrel would never have to pay for a drink in New York again.
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The Red Sox have beaten the Yankees.
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I can't believe this is the first time they've played in the postseason since 2004. Or maybe I can't believe how long ago 2004 is now, even though it still seems so recent.
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Who? The Red Sox? That's, um, not correct.

(unless you're making a joke, in which case I get it and it is very funny. I am sharp and I get jokes.)
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No, the matchup, I mean. Sox vs Yankees. Isn't it?
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Ahhh, gotcha. Yeah, I don't remember who they beat in 2007 and 2013.
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If you are going to burn Sale by using him in the 8th why not just send him out fo the 9th too, with Kimbrel ready to go if needed?
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Did anyone else notice four SNL cast members (Kyle Mooney, Heidi Gardner, Beck Bennett, and Alex Moffat) sitting behind home place? Looks like Lorne has some pretty good seats.
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2007... yeah. That second pennant for the Red Sox is still vivid in my memory. The Rockies swept through September, winning their last 14 out of 15 games as well as winning a 163rd game tie breaker with San Diego in extra innings. Then, they win their next 7 in the post season leading right up to the Sox. Then. The Red Sox. We lose the first two in Boston. Then the next two at home.

Colorado is growing a lot. A lot, lot. Many people I work with are Boston alumni or just generally new to the area. When I meet someone who remembers that post season, it is like we are bound a bit by it. Appreciators of cold fate and lovers of highs and lows of baseball, we are long lost siblings reunited in the passing warmth of summer and the reds, golds and grey gloom of fall. We remember the bright dreams of July that mostly fade by October, but sometimes come true.
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(I posted a new thread for the championship serieses which start tonight with the Dodgers/Brewers game. )
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