The Gifted: coMplications
October 9, 2018 8:16 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The Inner Circle turns to an unexpected source for help in healing Polaris' baby. Reed and Lauren's med run gets complicated by Reed's powers. Thunderbird and Blink meet the leader of the Morlocks--a shadowy group of mutants that live underground--who offers to help them find the Inner Circle, but the two factions may not have the same goals.
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That was pretty intense. Don't have a ton of specific observations beyond 'I'm still pretty happy with this show.'
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They've stepped it up. Season 1 was "grateful for any classic-feeling X-Men on tv." Season 2 is possibly inching towards good classic-feeling X-Men on tv.
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whoa that was a lot. the "true" underground place was really neat, I want more of it! so I wonder how true that they're keeping Lorna there with mind control, seems like it's plausible enough, and I also wonder if Marcos figured that out with some sort of backfire mind-read when they were trying to control him. I'm also glad we didn't spend another episode with Reed hiding his powers, that always feel like a drag in these shows.
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You get the feeling Blink is going to be in an analog situation to Kitty with Caliban.
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I am kinda irked by this iteration of the Hellfire Club. I like them as the Model Minority. Mutants of appropriate wealth and connections, they feel indifferent to the oppression around them. Passing as human is important, because it allows you to best use whatever genetic gifts you have to gain more power and wealth.

They wrapped up a neat bow on why that may have been our Hellfire Club until Reva's mutiny. But it feels like throwing away an interesting conceit just because they knew people would perk up more at Hellfire Club than Avalon.

Plus I'm also not loving how murdery Reva is. She behaves like an abusive spouse, and it's not pleasant to watch Esme, Polaris and Andy constantly walk on eggshells and hope she'll turn back to the charismatic revolutionary they fell in love with. I guess the writers worried they accidentally made a compelling case for separatist terrorism?
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Again, no specific comments or criticisms, but it feels like everything is moving along nicely.

Now that Johnny has come clean with Grace, maybe she should fess up too. Being a "spy" shouldn't jeopardize the Mutant Underground's work too much. It would be convenient for to have a link with the Morlocks, especially for those situations when they encounter non-passing mutants who might not want to live amongst the rest of society. It would continue the trend of sharing secrets with significant others and family members that this episode seemed to endorse.

When Marco named his dad as Sebastian, at first I thought they were going to say that he had family ties to the Hellfire Club. I don't know if that was a deliberate red herring or just the way this show likes to play with names. (I swear, I'd never create a character roster with Lorna and Lauren on the same team, unless there was a specific reason for doing so.)
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Sorry but the misspellings and wrong names are kind of bothering me. Her name is Reeva Payge. And Blink's real name is Clarice Fong.
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Sorry. I don't know where I got Grace from for Clarice. I should have just gone with her alias Blink, but those names don't really feel like they're in use much, and it feels kind of wrong to use them for the characters.
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Agreed, although it does make sense in private that they call each other by real names. The captions though use their codenames when they're speaking offscreen, which are said so infrequently that I forgot Marcos is Eclipse until the captions show it.
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Sorry. I don't know where I got Grace from for Clarice.

In one of the underground tunnel scenes when John says "Clarice" it sounded so much like "Grace" to me that I had to rewind it and check.
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