Star Wars Resistance: The Triple Dark
October 15, 2018 7:30 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Resistance returns after its premiere episode to find Kaz Xiono attempting to step into the role of Resistance spy at the expense of his cover job as a mechanic in Yeager's shop. In the midst of his quite uninformed attempts at spycraft, Kaz finds himself with front row seats to a pirate attack on the Colossus.

Click here for "The Triple Dark" episode guide! You can find production art and other images, in addition to trivia here. For the Bucket List video, click here!

Bucket's List!
  • Aurodium, the metal that makes up Kaz’s prized trophy, is incredibly rare — rarer than gold. It usage in Star Wars dates back to a mention in the 2000 novel, Rogue Planet. Bonus fun fact: The use of “au” in “Aurodium” is a nod to the symbol for gold in the Periodic Table of Elements.
  • This episode marks the series debut of Captain Phasma, voiced by Gwendoline Christie, who portrays the character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
  • Hallion is a Neimoidian, and his ship is a modern incarnation of the Galactic Republic-era Sheathipede shuttle, seen in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
  • This episode includes a wide array of aliens from across the saga, like Neimoidians, Niktos, Rodians, Mirialans, Gotal, Nautolans, Ithorians, Snivvians, Aleena, Klatooinians, Arcona, Quarren, Hassks, Trandoshans, and more!
  • All the pirates’ gear (costumes, ships, accessories),were originally created from left-over Imperial parts from Star Wars: A New Hope to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The original design brief (per Lucasfilm’s Dave Filoni and Kiri Hart), stated that the First Order would be providing the old Imperial tech, weapons, and uniforms to the pirates as part of their trade deal.
  • Each pirate and ship have their own theme, but were heavily influenced by chop-shop/hot-rod cars and trucks. The lead pirate ship is a Lambda-class shuttle with several modifications: added guns, more powerful engines, and added wings.
  • Kragan Gorr, the pirate leader, wears mostly AT-AT commander gear, a la General Veers, customized with spikes and paint. He is a Quarren, and also sports a prosthetic left arm, has lots of scars, and is missing part of his facial tentacles.
  • The different mechanics on the platform have special patches that designate their specialty/area assigned, and different colors of the same patch indicate a higher or lower level of expertise. (Tam’s is red, signifying the highest level of mechanic expertise). Acquisitions and janitorial have their own unique patches, as well.
  • Yeager was meant to have had this jacket since he was young. Intentionally, there is a missing patch on his left arm, but a dark spot can be seen where it used to be, and the rank badge and existing patch on the front of his jacket are unexplained. All of these were intentional on the design side, and meant to add mystery to his past!
Next week episode will be the last one made available with the debut of the show, and can be seen now on the DisneyNow app.
posted by Atreides (5 comments total)
Woo. I am not loving this; my 7 year old loved previous animated star wars but had a loud one word review of this "Booooring!" .. and I kinda have to agree with her.

I want to like this, I really want to, I like Dave Filoni and hope he gets a larger platform in the star wars story group, so I want his projects to do well but man, this is not working for me.

Kaz so far has been really unlikable, and also really inconsistent. He seems to have any negative personality trait needed by a given scene. Braggart? Greedy? Dishonest? Foolish? Hapless? Cowardly? Petulant? Lazy? Kaz is your man for up to 2 mins at a go.
posted by French Fry at 3:07 PM on October 15, 2018

I have to agree with your early assessment of Kaz, but Ezra was a punk too in the early going of Rebels. And like Rebels, I'm happy to give Resistance a little more leeway in getting its own thing going.

I sense that Kaz's negative traits are being brought out by the stress of the situation he's in, and he's trying to compensate. He's been tossed into a completely new place and asked to do a dangerous job he has no training for, his cover is another job he has no training for, he's been told outright that no one's got his back, and for a pampered kid from the Core it's all a bit much when his 007 fantasy meets the greasy reality. I suspect that when Kaz settles in a little more and finds his place on the station, and is more at ease in his dual role, he won't be such a twerp. I doubt that he'll ever be my favorite character (it's already Tam, sorry) but having watched a couple of Filoni's prior series, I'm confident that some character growth is definitely in the cards for Kaz's arc.

I really do wish they'd hurry up and introduce the other pilots, though.
posted by The Nutmeg of Consolation at 4:42 PM on October 15, 2018 [1 favorite]

Kaz's reception has been somewhat mixed, based on my own observations. I think The Nutmeg of Consolation's Ezra comparison is apt, he's been introduced for the purpose to grow into the hero he is destined to become (well, if he becomes a villain, then god damn Lucasfilm, kudos on that unexpected wild maneuver). He's still very much trying to find his place not just in the Colossus, but also on Yeager's crew. I have the benefit of having seen one more episode and this sense of figuring out where he belongs definitely carries into it (it can be seen now on streaming service, FYI). Obviously, the one place he feels most at home is in the cockpit, be it his one chance to race in the first episode, and then his attachment to that ability focused in on his trophy in this one. He see's himself as a pilot, first and foremost, and seems at a loss when he has to become something else.

What's been interesting for me, some, like French Fry, have really identified some negative character traits in Kaz, that haven't really popped up for me. Definitely his actions are generating different responses from viewers.

In whatever six months or less, we do know that Kaz is going to become a bit more somber, unless his family happens to be off world (Hosnian Prime).

I want to like this, I really want to, I like Dave Filoni and hope he gets a larger platform in the star wars story group, so I want his projects to do well but man, this is not working for me.

Which is cool. There were people who loved The Clone Wars, but not Rebels, and vice versa. Filoni is now the chief overseer of Lucasfilm animation, so he actually isn't right in the trenches on this show (i.e., he's not directing, he's not writing, etc.). That attention was probably given to the final season of The Clone Wars we'll be getting next year. More so, for those interested in Filoni advancing within Lucasfilm, he's slated to direct not one, but two episodes of the live action The Mandalorian (also out next year - OMG, 2019 is going to be the best Star Wars year in a long time).

Things I did appreciate about this episode:

* The Neimoidians still have a signature look to their shuttles. The second I saw it, thanks in part to The Clone Wars, "It's a Separatist!"

* Yeager talking about how virtually no one knows about the Resistance. It's been around nearly six years and this says a lot about how hard it's been for Leia to build it and get others to pay attention to her concerns about the First Order.

* Phasma looks damn cool in any medium and bonus points for being voiced by Christie!

* The Pirate Uglies! One of them (you can see it in the Episode Guide link) is built from at least the wings of a TIE Striker (the TIE introduced in Rogue One at the Battle of Scarif) and the fuselage of an A-wing. It's fun to see designs that mash together the familiar.

* The stormy animation of the exterior of the Colossus. It just completely played up how Lucasfilm cares about the use of light/shadow and so on for its animation projects.
posted by Atreides at 8:39 AM on October 16, 2018

I was also pretty annoyed with Kaz for most of this episode. Also, why hasn't Yeager given him some private mechanics training, knowing that he has almost no experience? Wouldn't that make him a better fit for the team and keeps Yeager from appearing more suspicious that he took on this mechanic who doesn't know how to fix anything? The other inconsistent thing is somehow Kaz knows where that one part goes but doesn't know what a spanner is? Does that happen a lot with pilots?

Also, whyyy hasn't he said anything to Yeager about owing money to Grevel? Yeager can probably pay that off and keep Grevel from interfering with Kaz' spying, which keeps everyone happy. It's "haha look at him stumbling around because he's being chased" kind of plotting, but it's so boring and tiring with all these other great shows that have much better writing.

I know it's a kids' show but stuff like that really irks me.
posted by numaner at 4:59 PM on October 16, 2018

Half of those aliens could never wield a lightsaber. Jedi racism!
posted by Brocktoon at 12:51 PM on October 18, 2018 [1 favorite]

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