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A post for all of season four.

So Jonah and Amy are together but hiding it at work, even though Amy has now told everything about their sexual encounter even though everyone watched it.

Also, there's a stripper at the baby shower!
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Okay, probably no one else is into this but me, but I am home waiting on a repair guy so...

Dear lord, having Amy answer every single TMI question about her sex tape at work. My god.

Much as I know the show is convinced that Amy and Jonah are MFEO, I always watch them and think, "God, isn't she going to be fed up with his nonsense after a while? He's cute but immature and she's got nearly two kids now."

Good point that nobody bothered to give Cheyenne a baby shower, but a triple shower?
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I’m not a big fan of the Amy/Jonah thing. It’s such a well-worn-out plot device. I wonder if the producers thought it was an...elegant?...way to write-in America Ferrara’s pregnancy?

One small thing I’ve noticed this season; Much more overt product/company logo placements in the background of scenes. It makes sense, I suppose.
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Much as I know the show is convinced that Amy and Jonah are MFEO

I really wonder whether the writers do think that. I don't know how much they feel like they're telling one big story (a la The Good Place) as opposed to making a better-than-it-needs-to-be sitcom that sometimes makes actual points about consumerism and the working class. But it feels to me less like they've got this grand Amy-Jonah-OTP plan vs. "People who work together sometimes fall into a sort-of relationship just because they're around each other a lot."
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I don't give a darn about Amy and Jonah as a couple (despite actually liking both characters individually) but other than that, I'm still all in with the show. The show manages to walk that fine line where they can be cruel to characters but not upset me (I'm thinking of Sandra specifically but lots of others) and I'm not sure how they manage it.

I do like the responses everyone had about Amy's supposed-to-be-fake baby shower: everybody was much more pissed about not being invited and how it impacted them than anything else, which feels very much like a workplace/"only friends because we work together" problem, rather than a relationship with actual friends problem. Which is the show's strong suit.

(And now that I read Etrigan's comment I DO care about Amy and Jonah but only because I'm a big believer in the "sort-of relationship" theory. And actually feel like "sort of relationships" and "only friends because we work together" are still very valid (despite me setting up a hierarchy here))
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Jonah and Amy are fine either way, but I am intrigued by the Dina/Garrett thing from the last episode when Garrett wandered into Dina's photo shoot with Mateo.

And I loved that photo shoot.
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Oh yeah! And then she was all strung up and Sandra saw her and just strolled on by and it made Dina suddenly respect her as much as hate her....
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...but I am intrigued by the Dina/Garrett thing from the last episode when Garrett wandered into Dina's photo shoot with Mateo.

Dina and Garrett hooked up a couple of seasons ago, didn’t they?
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They did, before she was pregnant with Glen's baby. I can't remember why they stopped hooking up, but I liked their dynamic as a reluctant couple.
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I think Amy ends up being at least as annoying as Jonah, but for me the most interesting thing so far is Dina and Mateo connecting. That is a fun new combination I did not know I wanted.
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I'm ambivalent, too, about Jamy/Amnah/Is There A Name For it??

I am all in on this season, though, and the photo shoot was amazing. Glen's palpable disappointment in not being Theodore was glorious, too.
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Dina gets the "Grey's Anatomy" nice hospital with the hot doctors, Amy's too broke and has to go to the crappy clinic with the dead roommate. Yay American health insurance.

Jerusha's claiming she'd go for Dina cracked me up.

It did drive me nuts that if Amy was "in labor," she didn't seem to be having any issues with that?

As for last week, I enjoyed that Dina was still wearing her hot cop costume even while hugely pregnant. And the commentary on politically correct costuming.
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Okay, trying to go back to this again...

Poor Mateo. I was totally impressed that Glenn has somehow managed to sneak him by the everify check. I have no idea how that guy would pull it off since it's not like he's a hacker or whatever, but.... Glenn's a damn hero to his employees in trying to protect them.

Which is quite a comparison to the spoiled shitheads at that manager meeting. I enjoyed how Amy was going over the top in talking to them (I was expecting her to go to "gee, I dunno, why don't we just slaughter all the floor staff?" after awhile), though it was of course horrible as well.
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In a way, I'm relieved that Glenn now knows about Mateo's undocumented status....and Glenn continues to do whatever he thinks, at least, has to be done to take care of his workers. It's just in line with him at the beginning of the season going to the cafe where Amy worked simply to leave a big tip for her every morning. Damn it, Glenn, you won the episode with that and also this quote, "I read a book in the bathtub while Dina made love with a bellhop." OMG.

Oddly enough, I still want to know whether Amy got her bath and relaxation time in at the hotel. I hope they still took the freebies home with them.

Living 90 minutes away from St. Louis, it's amusing when Spitzer drops in local/regional references. I think this time it was Imo's Pizza.

Cheyenne whispering to see if Sayid could hear her. YES.
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Well that was sure a season finale. Is anyone else watching still?
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Yes, still watching. And wow.

I'm so impressed they went there. This show gets zero attention from anyone I know, but it's so good.
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I had no idea that ICE carried out union-busting raids, but I suppose that shouldn't surprise me. I'm super excited to see where it will go next year.
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I think it wasn’t a union-busting raid from ICE / HSI’s perspective. It was just “We got a tip so we have to go over there.” I’d be interested to see whether anyone at Cloud 9 gets in trouble for it, from above (“Don’t rat out our cheap exploitable labor!”) or outside (“Don’t use us as your goons!”).
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Honestly, union-busting raids seem on brand for Cloud 9 and for ICE. Cloud 9 would be all "good job busting unions" and ICE would be all "all's well that ends well with deported illegals."

Probably there will be zero repercussions. Also on brand.
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I am sure everyone pretends not to know it's about the union, and maybe ICE doesn't specifically care about whether some big box store is unionised and they are pretending that the tip is a legit one, but it's a union-busting move all the same.
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Oh great news for Sandra.
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That's great news for the character and the actress.

The finale was great and I appreciate that the show was willing to wrap the season on that point of Matteo on the screen shot behind the cage in the vehicle driving him away. I think what Superstore does well is working within its universe, picking up storylines that run off and on with different characters rather than simply dispensing them after an episode or two (for example, the birds). It gives them a greater depth.
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I finally got around to watching this and DAMN. Show blower-upper.

And meanwhile Sandra got engaged! One tiny moment.

Poor Mateo. I wonder how they are gonna get out of this one.

When Dina realized she had no way to get him
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