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October 17, 2018 10:16 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Jesse investigates the audition clip of "God". Tulip continues patching the holes of her traumatic experience. Cassidy debates on what to do about Denis. Eugene might get discovered that he doesn't belong.

An even slower episode than the last. But I'm glad to see more hell stuff. Hitler is definitely trying to use Eugene as his ticket out of hell, and I'm excited to see where that's heading.

So Jesse's audition reel clue really ended right there? That's a narrative surprise. It felt like bait for a few episodes now and I'm annoyed that it just fizzled, and because of some dorky incompetence.

Man, I feel for Tulip. Getting shot just to try to get over your pain, and then literally patching up your psyche. At least Featherstone (we don't know her name yet, I know you book people already spoiled that in previous episode posts, but I only know because of IMDB and the caption used "Featherstone" for her line off screen) might actually be fun for Tulip to hang around with. Rufus from Timeless F.J. Hoover's name hasn't been said, but I want to know more about him already.
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I'm definitely a fan of the changes to Arseface, being sent to hell is a more interesting arc than the abuse-n-rockstar route the comics took. His interactions with Hitler are interesting, the show keeps waffling between him being, you know, hitler evil, but also some other ultier motive. I think Hitler is trying to keep Eugene down there, like, they'd let him out of Hell once they found out he doesn't belong. They're overcrowded anyway!

I do think Hell is pretty weak in the show. Prison where you relive your worst memory over and over? Yeah, okay, I do that shit anyway all the time when there's a quiet moment of thought.
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