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October 18, 2018 12:07 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Jesse gets help from an unlikely source. Tulip gets to know the neighbor. Cass helps Denis adjust to his changes.

First of, holy crap the episode descriptions on IMDB are either misleading, spoilery, or both.

Wow that was a lot of exposition!

So I was enjoying that Featherstone was basically showing Tulip a good time, even if she's basically lying the entire time, and ultimately is trying to break Jesse and Tulip up. Poor Hoover got the brunt of that though.

Man, this show though. Every time you think an actual answer's around the corner it's revealed to be total bullshit. I was expecting them to throw inbreeding out as the reason for Humperdoo's state, and while it makes sense narratively, in the context of the fictional history, they should've realized a long time ago that keeping the bloodline going doesn't mean you have to keep inbreeding. Also, an all powerful organization, even a religious one, should've been on the frontier of science and have enough knowledge to prevent that. But I suppose the "untainted" blood of Christ can't have science near it.

It was pretty neat to see the Pope and the Archbishop with crazy ideas though.
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