Bob's Burgers: Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street
October 22, 2018 3:44 PM - Season 9, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The Belcher kids set out to find the culprit who's snatching everyone's candy bags on Halloween night; Teddy gets carried away when he decorates the restaurant to compete with another handyman on the street.
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Ok, so mainly I posted this just to complain about this show having the poor judgment to bring back Aziz Fucking Ansari as Darryl. Just recast him and say his voice dropped or something, Jesus Christ.
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Not to mention, tobasco, that they have a litany of other characters they could have pulled from if they wanted to fill out the cast. Disappointed in the decision.
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Yeah, it's not like the character had anything to do this episode. I hope they're just locked into some contract and trying to burn it off on inconsequential appearances.

This AV Club comment thread pointed out that "The Taking of Funtime One Two Three" -- which also featured Darryl -- had a production code from season 7, for some reason. This and the other two episodes of this season also had season 8 production codes. (Only five season 8 episodes had season 8 production codes, and prior seasons are similarly out of sync with their production codes.) So the other hopeful possibility is that they had this episode in the can before the allegations broke and didn't have the budget to redo his dialogue.
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Really, you posted this just because Ansari has some lines in it ? smh...
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Mod note: Yeah, PSA, posting to Fanfare just to say "this is bad" isn't really what Fanfare is for. The discussion over here is meant to be more about discussing media on its own terms in a mostly-appreciative/enjoying/interested-in way; not about hateposting stuff solely to bag on it, or focusing on stuff outside the piece of media that make it problematic and so people shouldn't watch it or whatever. If folks want to discuss problematic metatextual stuff, that generally goes better as a post on the blue.
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There were so many great things in this episode that it's bewildering nobody wanted to talk about anything else here-- one person's personal actions should not overshadow all the efforts of all the people who worked to make a pretty terrific thing.
Rather than take the time to even just list some of them, I'm going to listen to that end credits song again because I love it so so much for so many reasons.
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That closing credits song made me giggle for the entire time.
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I'll try to make more regular posts for the show. I've been slacking. But also I felt like discussions were waning in the last few episodes posted before this one.


Whyyy won't they release full versions of all these awesome credit songs. There's been one for every episode for the last several!

I really liked that Yap had a role and the call back to them going on the ski trip, which is what he wants instead of filling children's cavities.

Is this the first time the store next door from the intro was actually in the episode?

"I’m not explaining to the kids that their dad died in a chainsaw spider accident"

I really really wanna try some Sticking Boom Boom
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for posterity:

Store Next Door

Pest Control Truck

Burger of the Day
My Bloody Kale-entine Burger
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I really, really loved that in the opening credits my SO and I read the store sign and were like, "I don't get it... that makes no sense, seems like a stretch." And then within the first five minutes of the episode, perfectly set up just for that, they talk about how the store name makes no sense. We were howling.
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