Witchboard (1986)
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Playing around with a Ouija board, a trio of friends succeeds in contacting the spirit of a young boy. Trouble begins when the evil spirit, Malfeitor, takes over one of their bodies.

It's decorative gourd season, motherfuckers. Why not revisit some now-problematic 80s horror schlock?

Mike Flanagan, director of The Haunting of Hill House and Ouija: Origin of Evil, had nothing to do with this film, which stars Some Dude and Tawny Kitaen and is directed by Kevin Tenney, perhaps better known for the VHS-friendly unit shifter Night of the Demons series. Thrill to huge hair, splitting axes, and the amazing theme song “Bump in the Night!”
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It's been a long time, but I can certify this movie is bad.
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This was one of the first -- if not THE first -- rated R horror movie I saw in its not-edited-for-TV form, when my older brother and one or two of his friends rented it circa 1987-88 or so (making me about 9 or 10). Even at the time I didn't think it was terribly scary, but I loved being able to watch a "forbidden" horror movie.

"Oh man, multiple sadness, who owns the red Cobra?" was a frequently repeated line among those that I watched it with...even though "multiple sadness" doesn't really make sense.
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I only vaguely remember this film. Any ideas where I can find for a Halloweeny rewatch?
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miss-lapin, Shout Factory has the current distribution rights, so it's on iTunes, DVD and Blu-ray.
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