Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil (2017)
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A visually rich, gothic re-telling of an old Basque folk tale about a young girl caught in the middle of a battle between a blacksmith and the Devil. Available streaming in the original Basque or dubbed on Netflix.
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Incidentally, I got kind of inspired after posting all of the Mike Flanagan films and my new plan is try and make 31 horror film posts in FF for Halloween. We'll see how I do.
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Gah, this might be too scary for me, but I have to peek at it at least.
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How great was it that the demon became a sympathetic, borderline likable character?

"Listen up, yokels! This girl here... she's uh, a saint, and she was too good for hell. So treat her right or I'll eat your damn thumbs while you sleep."
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I really enjoyed this. Sheydem-tants, I didn't find it scary. They set you up for a horror film, but it's more a re-imagining of a fairytale. I enjoyed it a lot. The animation at the beginning is fantastic.
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I was expecting some sort of trippy horror film but instead it veered into an absurdist parody of whatever doctrine it was drawing from.

There was a sort of drag there when the villagers go after the girl where I was losing interest pretty quickly at the predictability of it but when she makes the 2nd deal I was hooked again.

Also, it wasn't until they defeated the biggest demon you've ever seen with chickpeas to get INTO hell that I fully accepted they weren't being serious about anything.

The poor demon. First he gets captured by a mere human, then the human and a little child torture it, then another demon shows up to inform him he's lost his job because he's, well, obviously pretty bad at it.

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It went full absurd with the butt demon, but it was fun nonetheless. The little girl did a great job. I was a bit confused by the souls screaming "I'm garbage, let me in!". And a bit bummed that she didn't actually get to see her mother.
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