Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
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A chronicle of the years leading up to Queen's legendary appearance at the Live Aid (1985) concert.
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Moviebob didn't seem to like it.
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I saw this yesterday and enjoyed it if nothing else for its energy. I'm not really a Queen fan but know the songs pretty well just from growing up in 80s England and the music side of things was done very well. From my point of view as a non-fan, Remi Malek pretty much nailed Mercury as far as I was concerned (although in the very early days I thought he looked more like Prince-era Prince). The Brian May character was spot-on visually as well.

Overall though it had the feel of a TV Movie and apart from Malek, the acting was fairly wooden and not very convincing.
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We bought tickets last Friday and then I read the Guardian review, which gave it 2 stars, so I was prepared for disappointment. I thought it was a lot better. Malek was rock solid as Freddie Mercury. Brian May seemed to get more Brian May-like with each moment. The only one I didn't think worked well was Roger Taylor. Songs were worked in to the whole thing very well and the Live Aid presentation was done ridiculously well, though it was a bit cheesy to have it as some uniting event. Sure it wasn't warts and all but it worked pretty well, with a focus on Freddie and the music, but enough of the rest of Queen to make it worthwhile. Well worth watching.
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I saw it with friends at the IMAX yesterday since we knew there'd be some good performance-perspective segments, and holy shit, that turned out to be an excellent idea. I absolutely loved it, and that was due in part to feeling like I was actually on stage in the moment at Wembley Stadium during Live Aid—not gonna lie, that was a bit of a rush, and it made me want to hug the whole crowd just for loving the band. It was an emotional moment.

I found it a really compelling film throughout. It was good storytelling and beautifully empathetic (if a little heart-wrenching in places) and just hit all the right notes for me. I'd say it was about twice as good as I was anticipating. My group of friends agreed, and we also agreed that the opening scene was just super great and set the whole movie up perfectly.
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I loved the Live Aid sequence so much I was wishing the movie had been brave enough to do the set in its entirety though I do understand why they'd cut it down a bit. Not a perfect film by any stretch and is often bog-standard music biopic but all the raves about Rami Malek's performance are well-deserved.
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I loved the Live Aid sequence so much I was wishing the movie had been brave enough to do the set in its entirety though I do understand why they'd cut it down a bit.

They did a fair bit...

Really weird thing to watch from 2018 and realize that something like that couldn't happen today.

It's an odd film. I really liked the start (even with it's goofy just-so stories for how various songs happened) and the end with Live aid is just fanastic, but it's got a really rough middle which has justly come in for a lot of criticism for stumbling into a bunch homophobic tropes and ahistorical nonsense, and is all just a tad predictable anyway.

Also they play the Brian May written Highlander song for the scene where he hears what AIDs is, and..

a) It's from Highlander. It's very specifically about a scene from Highlander, the Sean Connery/Christopher Lambert film. That's a bit WTF.
b) Brian May wrote it and that makes it a bit odd for this extended sequence where Freddy and the band are supposedly not talking to each other.

Anyway, we had fun. The music is amazing, because they just used the music, so duh.
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I enjoyed it. I'm not sure why there's so much grumbling about the movie, but I know very little about the band's biography, so. Freddie was awesome to watch. I did laugh at the changing hair throughout the years (good lord, Brian May's hair is huge). I'm surprised they got total nobodies or at least nobody I'd heard of to play the rest of the band.

Basically, the movie was about what I expected it to be, so I was cool with it. I loved the music, I loved seeing them perform it and put Bohemian Rhapsody together. That's what I came for and what I got.

I did like the Mike Myers irony casting moments, particularly his last shot sitting at his desk during Live Aid.
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It's from Highlander. It's very specifically about a scene from Highlander

But before that, it was a quote from Flash Gordon...
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Also missing from the movie!
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bowie isn't depicted....BOOO!
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I haven't seen it - and probably won't - but someone I know wrote this "Open letter from a concerned queer" about it.
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I agree with the author of the article sevenyearlurk linked to. I expected some glossing over of Freddie's sexuality but was surprised and dismayed at the unsubtle equal sign the movie draws between those "bad leather gays" and his estrangement from the band and descent into booze and drugs. Very disappointing.
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