The Walking Dead: Who Are You Now?
November 12, 2018 9:51 PM - Season 9, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The Survivors encounter unfamiliar faces outside the safety of their community's walls and must decide whether or not this new group can be trusted.

Okay, this season is clearly just about satisfying all of those fans with unconventional ships including Gabriel. This one is for everyone who wanted to see Gabriel and Rosita hook up.

Judith is about as adorable and bad-ass as anyone could have hoped, and of her many skills the best is putting Negan in his place.

Eugene has a different hair style. Not a better one, just different. He’s not aboard the Gabosita ship train.

Carol has long hair, and is still reigning champion of acting meek and then lighting up the bad guys when they turn their backs. Quite literally, this time.

There are some new people, who mostly seem kind of interesting. Michonne doesn’t trust them enough to live in Alexandria, but is happy to show them the way to Hilltop.

And if what Rosita and Eugene heard when they are hiding from an inconvenient herd is to be believed, walkers are talking now. Or whispering, at least.

I haven’t tagged this Show Only or Books Included, but I’d say keep any book stuff to the minimum or start some Books Included posts if anyone is really burning to discuss it that way.
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Oh Prince, you sweet summer child. Don't ever doubt that Carol will seek her revenge (and watch out because she will straight up stab a child).

I'm a little annoyed that the show decided to jump ahead 4 years and still they're sitting around talking about the same shit over and over.

Super annoyed that when the horde was coming, Eugene and Rosita didn't decide to just climb back up the water tower, where they could wait for the horde to pass. Instead Eugene has to rush down, seriously injuring himself, and now they have to outrun the zombies. So dumb.

Rick and Michonne had a son!! Yay! What's up with the X on Michonne's back though? Did she donate a kidney? That seems like a terrible cut for surgery.
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Yes climb up into the water tower - I guess maybe they were worried about the horses and warning others? A bit more exposition about the decision would have been better...

How were the bad guys hiding for 6 YEARS with nobody finding them and them what mugging people all the time? How long were they waiting for someone to ride by? None of that makes any sense but yes Carol is a badass!!!

I love how on tv people just say, 'I think we should have a baby' and the other person says, 'you do?' and then they say, "I do" and THAT Is how you get pregnant. Like prior to this conversation were they using what? Condoms? The pull-out method? Was Michonne ovulating?
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All the holes in the plot aside, I enjoyed this episode. Lots happened! Not just a bunch of talking between Rick and Neegan (ugh). Why does Michonne think those folks would be welcome at Hilltop?
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I'd chalked up the re-emergence of the ex-Saviors as bad guys having to do with however long it took Sanctuary to actually fall. Presumably they were flailing around there for a while before turning into highway bandits.

Put me down as another that was surprised Eugene didn't just climb back up the tower. I didn't miss them breaking their radio, did I? (And despite his descent into blubbering Eugene towards the end of the episode, I did enjoy the brief glimpse of confident, walker-killing Eugene.)

You'd think after this many years that they would have pioneered some ways of thinning out these herds of walkers so they weren't such a threat.

I wonder if we'll ever see the folks from Oceanside again.
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What's up with the X on Michonne's back though?

Darrel seemed to have one (or two) as well. I imagine it's going to be explained later, probably as the source of whatever split the communities apart and made Alexandria so paranoid of outsiders.
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Like prior to this conversation were they using what? Condoms?

Possibly? I remember a moment of comic relief in an earlier season in which Glenn grabbed a box of condoms during a supply run, so he and Maggie could get it on responsibly. Of course, condoms do have an expiry date and it's been, what, at least 5-years since shit hit the fan (not including the most recent time jump, since the baby-making happened prior to that). How long are condoms good for before they begin to degrade?
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I'm still catching up and just watched this one. I liked it a lot, and I'm really interested in the new political dynamics. It is annoying to see all the same conversations come up for the hundredth time and it seems ridiculous that people keep falling into exactly the same sort of "oh no we are suddenly in danger" situations, but I can mostly overlook it.

I do really like the way that the found family thing is giving rise to traditional families, even with no blood connection. I love that Henry is calling Carol mom, likewise Judith and Michonne.

And I'm all in on the Judith/Negan relationship.

I am sceptical though about the intelligent zombie development though. For the last couple of seasons this has felt like a show that would be better if all the zombies just disappeared. I guess that evolving the zombies is an attempt to rectify that. But I can't help but think that just making the world run out of zombies would be better.
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