Arrow: The Demon
November 13, 2018 7:41 PM - Season 7, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Oliver meets the Dragon and discovers an old teacher. Curtis gets out from behind a computer and goes undercover for Argus. It's team-up time for Dinah, Felicity and Black Siren.
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Considering Team Arrow is still hunting Diaz, I guess that episode went about as well as can be expected.

The fight scenes in the prison were sharp and strong and a pleasure to watch.

I'm still not buying Oliver's brainwashing. It was just way too easy for Dr. Parker to whittle Oliver's defences down even a little.

Last week (or whenever it was) that I was complaining that the Demon designation be reserved for Ra's, I wasn't thinking about the rest of his family tree, so I'm perfectly okay with Talia adopting the name. For whatever reason, I enjoyed Lexa Doig's interpretation of Talia more than I have in the past, and wouldn't mind seeing her come back in future episodes. I guess mentioning Gotham might be a reminder for the crossover that yes, Gotham exists in this universe, in addition to being a bit of fan service by referencing he who must not be named.

It was a necessary step to get the women of Team Arrow working together with a bit more harmony, so it made sense to give them an independent mission where they could spend time bonding. I don't see how they think that evidence of wrong-doing at the correctional facility is enough to spring Oliver, but maybe I just don't get TV comic logic when it comes to interpreting the American justice system. (Mind you, I think it's about time to move to plot forward, so that means Oliver needs to be out from behind bars pretty darn soon.)

Diggle didn't really seem to care how much pressure he put on Curtis. While it was probably good for him in the end, I think people (even ex-costumed crime fighters) should have the ability to walk away and say "nope, I'm done. I don't feel like dying or getting injured anymore."

I'm not really sure where they are going with the Argus data leak (is that what we're calling it?) plot. I think the show should have at least one law enforcement agency that isn't totally corrupt or inept, and maybe that should be Argus, given that Lyla has longer to put her stamp on it than Dinah has had to reform the SCPD.
posted by sardonyx at 8:09 PM on November 13, 2018

Oliver meets the Dragon

wait, was Talia ever referred to as the Dragon? I thought that was Diaz?

yeah it's been a while since we've seen an all out brawl like the one with the prison guards, it was excellent choreography as usual from Arrow.

I liked the women working together, though I wish it was more action packed, but I guess they gotta save the sirens budget for a more overall action packed episode. I'm really enjoying Katie Cassidy as how !Laurel is now, I hope they keep her in this good balance of a reformed villain with an edge. I liked the quizzical look she gave Dinah when Dinah was trying to comfort Felicity not to blame herself, like "oooh that's what empathy looks like"

I was going to complain halfway through that I soooo don't care about all this ARGUS stuff but then I realized at the end that it'll probably lead to the big bad this season, one that will carry into next season, like how Diaz was/is for last season.

I shall be very put out if Anatoly eats it.
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Damn. Sorry. I shouldn't post so late at night. I meant Demon. Oliver meets the Demon.
posted by sardonyx at 7:17 AM on November 14, 2018

I'm with you about Anatoly. Despite the current status of his relationship with Oliver, I still really like the character. He's one of the most well rounded and complex antagonists in this whole universe.
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Goodbye Dr. Slightly Odd, we hardly knew you.

Of all the suspension of disbelief required by this show, why did I have the hardest time with a coed prison block? That just happens to house Ollie's ol' frenemy who was presumed dead? Talk about pulling a rabbit out of your hat.
posted by Nelson at 8:12 AM on November 15, 2018

I had the same issue with co-ed prisons over on the Flash, so you're not the only one struggling with that particular type of detail.
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It turns out that Slabside and Iron Heights are very progressive prisons.
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equality is when you throw everyone in the same prison and let plot writers sort them out
posted by numaner at 12:41 AM on November 16, 2018 [2 favorites]

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