GBBO - "Beginnings"
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I just noticed yesterday that Netflix now has what its labeled "The Great British Baking Show - The Beginnings." The first episode (which I'm currently watching) is labeled "Season 1" but there are multiple statements that make it sound like it's not the actual first season.

Anywho. I assume I'm not the only one watching ... And I assume I won't cause any issues by just adding "season 1" to the current GBBO thread ... unless I will?
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I always sort of take Netflix and PBS's "seasons" as secondary to the originally aired series, and hustle off to the wiki pages to figure out, ok this season has (for example) Amy and Barb and Charlie and David, that looks like British Season 39.
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(which, I'll admit, causes no end of confusion with my friends who are only watching the American side of things...)
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The season labeled as Beginnings is GBBO season 3. Maybe just put a note in the episode summary to help everyone? Presumably PBS will add seasons one and two eventually and keeping things consistent will probably help.
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Fun stuff! Just finished it last night.
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I've started a couple of episodes but I'm all over the place this week so if anyone else wants to do posts for other episodes, feel free!
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"The Beginnings" is the UK Season 3, because Netflix previously aired the UK Season 4 as "Season 1" on American Netflix and (apparently) did not want to rename that. There's added confusion with the mix of BBC and Channel 4 versions of the show (which are also coming to Netflix) on top of that. The Netflix season names don't match up with the American PBS-imported season names, if you want an additional source of potential confusion, viz.:

Netflix "Beginnings" == BBC Series 3 == PBS Season 5
Netflix "Season 1" == BBC Series 4 == PBS Season 2

Both the PBS and Neflix versions cut scenes (mostly on food history) present in the originals, so, strictly speaking, it's not even quite true that the seasons entirely match up.
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