The Night Comes for Us (2018)
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After sparing a girl's life during a massacre, an elite Triad assassin is targeted by an onslaught of murderous gangsters.
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This is the most violent I have ever seen an action film be with a straight face. There are bloodier, more violent films, yes. But they're either horror films or knowingly ludicrous stuff like The Story of Ricky.

That said, it was still energetic and propulsive as all hell. Timo Tjahjanto was Gareth Evans' collaborator on The Raid: Redemption and this has the same fluidity and relentless forward momentum.

Side note: if you've never seen V/H/S/2, Tjahjanto's sequence about a cult is maybe the only reason to see that particular anthology. But it's so worth it.

This is like an entire film pitched like the hallway/elevator sequence from Old Boy.
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Correction... I guess he didn't collaborate with Evans on The Raid, but rather on that segment from VHS2.

Anyway, this is good and if you find therapeutic value from people getting punched in the face REAL GOOD, I recommend it. It's also notable that two of the four big badasses are women.
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I wanted more time with Bobby. I was expecting a much more extended fight scene from him.
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Who is taking all these henchmen jobs!? Or are they independent contractors maybe? What is payroll like at these organizations? I mean, before the "downsizing".
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I enjoyed that, but man it was densely, exhaustingly violent. I watched it in segments because I felt I was becoming desensitized over one film and missing out on some amazing fight choreography. Seems like they could have made two shorter movies out of the amount of characters and action scenes they packed in there.
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The Raid 2 is my absolute favorite action movie ever and has ruined every hand-to-hand action sequence since. I mention that because I am no lightweight when it comes to violence but holy cow is everyone right about the absurd amount of it in this one.

This is possibly the only film where "relentless action" on the poster actually means it.

It's a good action movie but whew it really goes on.
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This is the most violent film I've ever watched. If the Ludovico Technique was real, this would be the film you would forced to watch with your eyelids pried open.
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