Bee and PuppyCat: Toast Dogs & Wedding Donut
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It's Rent Day, and thanks to Magical Space Temp Work, Bee can pay on time! Her joy is short lived when she finds out about Deckard's decision regarding culinary school. What follows is a serious of increasingly shocking revelations about Cass, Cardamon, and especially, Bee. This writeup/geeklist's going to be heavy on the spoilers, so you may want to watch this one first: YouTube. Together the full story is about 25m, and concludes Season One. Note, this is a long post.

At last, it's been a long time in coming, but we are at the end of the first season of Bee & Puppycat. Season 2 is on the way, coming to VTV. I am going to try to find some way to continue these writeups once it's up; maybe I can afford it this time.

Greater-than, ul, less-than, greater-than, li, less-than, and--
  • Bee still sleeps on the couch. Her Dadbox is visible on the right side of the screen in the opening shot.
  • RENT DUE! Seems like it's due for everyone, including Cass and Deckard. It turns out Bee and Deckard are both Cardamon's tenants. This episode makes it clear that, despite Cardamon saying Bee's toilet was leaking into his back in Beach/Cats, that Cardamon does not live in a place beneath Bee's, he and his mother have their own house.
  • Deckard seems to use his spare time making interesting food. Both he and Cass seem to be of a fairly focused sort, he with cooking, Cass with programming. A contrast to magical temp-work slackers Bee and Puppycat. His Puppycat-themed rice omelette looks pretty good... all except for the ketchup on the rice. Ah well, maybe it's just something awesome I've not had yet.
  • When the view's closed in on Cass' screen you can see what she's coding... oh god, it's C++! It seems to be some calculation code that, as part of its working, is maybe coming up with a number value for pi based on translating a text representation?
  • Deckard: "Do you like doing this computer stuff?" Cass: "I'm good at it." Deckard: "But do you like it?" Cass: "I like money." Evasive....
  • Freeze frame! Cass has filled out Deckard's culinary school application (from back in Food & Farmer) to give her brother a push. We see the envelope, and it's got his address on it: Deckard Wizard, 1806 Peach Loop Apt. 101, Ship Isle. The address of the school is Cooking Prince Academy, 1911 Dough Pocket, Mainland.
  • "Did you fill out my culinary school application? I told you I didn't know if I was going to go or not." There's a quick character moment: Cass looks up at Deckard sternly for a split second; Deckard winces; Cass sees his reaction and changes her expression to be happier. The tension of the moment is broken--and then the wall, when--
  • Crack, crack, crumble! A young lady in a leotard breaks through the wall! New character! Or, I think maybe, a comic character showing up in the cartoon for the first time? Cass: "Oh... hey....?" "TOAST! My name's Toast!" Cass: "Sorry...?"
  • Revelation! Surprise power: 4/10. Toast was a member of a wrestling league that Cass left. She was ranked 12 of 12, and Toast was #11. With Cass gone, Toast is now in last place, and has come by to try to convince Cass to return to the league. Toast is a hilarious and fun character, even if we don't see her much this episode. I hope we see more of her in Season Two.
  • Revelation! Surprise power: 2/10. Toast lifts the cushion on Cass' bed--wait, it's just wooden slats. It's a futon! It proves nothing, but it fits in with some conjecturing we did in past threads (years ago) about them all living in a place with Japanese influence, maybe Hawaii or Japan itself. Bee (and it turns out Deckard) also used to work at a cat cafe, and Bee drives a hypercute motorcycle of a kind of a Japanese pop culture style. Other things about their environment don't seem super Japanese though. Ah well, let no one say we aren't obsessed.
  • An old guy and his dog look in through the hole Toast made. The old man is thrown out shortly, but that dog is trouble....
  • Deckard: "Is that your full name?" Cass: "I can't believe our parents named us after wizards." Deckard: "But wizards are cool!" Their last name is literally "Wizard." We find out that they have a lot of other brothers at the end of the story; do they all have wizard names too? But I'm getting ahead of myself.
  • Freeze frame! After Cass admits she was ranked last, both she and Deckard are hit in the face with slices of toast with smiley faces on them! What's more, in the next shot, Toast is carrying a toaster under one arm! Cass seems concerned about the way Toast is taking it....
  • Toast's explanation is hilarious. "I have been barhopping! Learning wild-man fighting techniques! From drunks so lost in the fog of their own mistakes that that could commune with devils who live on the periphery of suffering!" Er, is that an effective training regimen? Bar: sign with picture of Toast with legend DO NOT SERVE. Deckard hides back behind the futon Toast hit him with. After Cass pushes her out, you can still hear her: "You have studied under the saddest winos and...." And she bursts right back in through the wall!
  • As Toast continues to cause a ruckus, something seems... awakened... in the mind of the old man's dog. "YES biting!" The dog will be back shortly. Deckard takes the opportunity to escape with the rent and the letter.
  • Outside, it's snowing! Bee and PC emerge from their apartment. "This is great! I haven't paid rent on time in forever!" Cardamon must be an understanding landlord. Bee is wearing a skirt with jolly letter Bs on it....
  • "Who's dog is that? Doggie!" (dog grabs Bee's hair, she's unconcerned) Dog: "Grawl! Grrr!" Bee: "Soooo cuuute!" Even when PC knocks it down, Bee just puts it right back up there. "No hitting!"
  • Then the crow from the last story shows up. The two form an unholy bond: "All those years of docile nature... all those wasted years! And now my true bloodlust has awakened! YOU! How DARE you enter the sanctuary of my mind! You just want to bite and mess everything up too?? Perfect... together, we can ruin EVERYONE'S good time!" One hesitates to imagine what would happen if these two met Keith the Cleavage Crab from a while back.... Bee: "They look so happy!" Deckard: "Maybe they're salmon... samon... soulmates?"
  • After an eyecatch, it's Cardamon again, pushing his dog Sticky through the window. This is the first time we've really met Sticky. What is there to say? Sticky has one expression, blank happiness, and is covered with hair. That about sums it up for Sticky. For Sticky, Cardamon turns on Pretty Patrick, who's making "Mashed potato ori...gami?" Meanwhile he makes a pile of candy on a plate. Why is he doing this? Well....
  • Revelation! Surprise power 9/10! Cardamon takes the pile into a room where a tall woman lies on a bed connected to various machines. Oh... when Cardamon told bee his mother was "still sleeping" back in Beach & Cats, she wasn't lazy, she was in a coma. This... is strange. We immediately drop into a song, like the one in the first episode with the prince and the princess, about another princess who meets an octopus (song written by brad sucks). It's very nice. But... what is up with Cardamon? Does he really fix all of Bee's apartment problems himself? Is he alone in the world, with just a dumb dog to help him? What happened to his mother? And yet, this is not the biggest revelation in this episode....
  • The room is full of piles of candy, like the one Cardamon just made, and machines with blinking lights. The lady is covered with bits of origami, presumably made by Cardamon, including a colorful crown. Around her neck is a bottle with a blue liquid. Cardamon, the little boy, face severe as always, snuggles up to her, along with Sticky, and the song begins.
Titles (with animated bits in-between illustrating them):
Once upon a time there was a lost princess.
An octopus saw the princess's hair that had tumbled into the sea and mistook it for another octopus.
And it fell in love.
When it found out that it was actually Princess hair, it offered to help the princess to return home.
The Princess gave the octopus her hair as a thank-you gift, to keep it company in the empty sea.
And for a long time, the octopus felt like it had company, carrying around the Princess' hair.
When the currents untied the Princess' bundled hair, the octopus tried to gather the strands together, not realizing he had tied himself into knots.
Each piece of the octopus' torn body was met with a strand of hair, and came back to life.
This is where my mom says jellyfish come from.

She was away from home and lost in the night (echoes)/
Her place was far too far away to find/
He was alone and happy to see someone new/
He said it's nice to spend the night with you/
Nobody told me/
It would be lone-ly/
Maybe we're going/
Where we're supposed--to be/
He said 'Come with me, I'll take you back'/
Even though it will surely make me sad/
She said, 'Maybe we'll be together soon,'/
'Remember me, and take all this with you.'/
Nobody told me/
It would be lone-ly/
Where are we going?/
It feels like a frozen--thing/
He wasn't scared, he was terrified/
He was alone, he was sure, he was gonna die/
He felt a tear, and he multiplied/
He let go, and it felt, like it was back it had always been/

(some lyrics uncertain)
  • The octopus in the musical sequence has a diamond-shaped mark on one of its arms. The Princess' dress has diamond marks on it. The jellyfish have a single large diamond on their domes. I guess what I'm saying is, if it turns out that Bee & Puppycat secretly take place in the world of Steven Universe, I quit.
  • -knock knock knock- "We are here to pay rent!" Ah well, back to reality.
  • Cardamon sneezes, little frozen snot bubbles hitting Puppycat's ears. It may be cold out, but the little dogkitty has NO CHILL.
  • The first meeting of Sticky and Puppycat is full of tension, and very funny. I'm not even going to describe it.
  • Cardamon: "Can I borrow your pet?" Bee: "I don't have a--Puppycat? Sure!" Puppycat: "The hell, you say!"
  • Cardamon doesn't recognize Deckard, probably, as Deckard says, because his brothers usually bring the rent. This is the first we've heard about Deckard and Cass' brothers, of which it turns out there's surprisingly many.
  • Bee apparently knows of Cardamon's mother's condition.
  • Puppycat doesn't want any part of Cardamon until he hears Pretty Patrick. He levitates in through Cardamon's door.
  • I don't know what Cardamon think's going to happen between Sticky and Puppycat. "Stay here. Kiss each other. Go on a date."It's not an obvious pairing, is what I'm saying. "It's your wedding day. Now you're getting married!"
  • Bee helps Deckard stand up. "Man, you're strong."
  • To collapse a long section, Bee finds Deckard's application, which he crumpled up and tried to throw away but he missed the dumpster.
  • Bee: "I'd say let's make soup at my place, but I don't have a kitchen." That's why her apartment is so cheap. Ah. Is that why she eats food from out of her couch? It seems like there's some backstory here.
  • Cardamon reveals that that hammer he tried using to fix Bee's toilet back in Beach & Cats is extendable! Maybe it's some kind of multipurpose tool? DOES EVEN A TOY HAMMER IN BEE AND PUPPYCAT HAVE SOME SECRET ORIGIN okay i'll quiet down now.
  • Cardamon, on his mother: "She's been asleep for a long time. I read in a book that only a prince can wake up a sleeping princess. I thought if I helped you fall in love with Sticky, then I would be acting like a prince. Then maybe my mom would wake up." Awww, poor kid. "Have... you ever been in love, Puppycat?" A quick callback to the musical sequence from the pilot....
  • Back at Deckard and Cass' place, through Toast's holes in the wall you can see Cass working and Toast sleeping it off.
  • When Bee, still sad about Deckard's decision to abandon culinary school for her, hears that the herbs he's planted are edible, she just starts stuffing them in her mouth. It seems that she uses eating as a stress reliever.
  • When we get back to Puppycat, he's stuck in the window. What happened? He had just been having a quiet moment with Cardamon, but now he's trying to escape again. Ah well.
  • "Got stuck in the window, huh? I did that once. It happens, trust me." One thing about Bee and Puppycat is sometimes we get references to past events, like the show's prehistory has already been charted out. Like, you have to read between the lines, but the reason, in the second episode, that Bee and Deckard are wearing matching cat cooking clothes is because they both worked at the same Cat Cafe that Bee got fired from, and where presumably they met.
  • Puppycat: "Have you been crying? WHO DID IT? I'LL KILL THEM!" Nice show of support from PC!
  • Bee's plan, to use a temp job to transport Puppycat out of the window, is a sound one. Only problem is, she's not in contact with him when she accepts it, and Deckard goes with her instead! Hoo boy.
  • TempBot seems to be a bit sick too. Is it something going around? At least it's easy to convince not to incinerate Deckard.
  • "Are you still in here? You didn't have to use the bathroom at all, did you?" Aaaah that explains it.
  • Bee and Deckard emerge in a toroidal kind of bakery planet. This will be an easy job, won't it? Nothing horrify is going to happen this time, is it? We won't learn something incredible and upsetting that will throw literally everything that has happened so far in the show in a new light (aka Steven Universe Syndrome), will it?
  • "Where are we?" "Looks like... a bowling ball with no holes? And a bakery?? Wait. Waaaait.... never mind." Hmmm.
  • Considering everything, Deckard takes to the weirdness of magic temp work pretty quickly. When like makes you a space baker, you be that space baker.
  • The guy who owns the bakery and "has to go" speaks with an interesting, BMO-esque accent.
  • The big guy working doing the baking's name seems to be "Mui." He seems very nice, but the owner doesn't trust him. Does he ultimately cause, somehow, the black hole to start reaching out?
  • Bee's sour expression, when she finds out he's supposed to keep the worker in line, is perfect.
  • Deckard is doing well with the space baking! Nice to have a fallback if the Cat Cafe and, um. culinary school fall through....
  • "Now we take the doughnuts through the black hole to be delivered!" He puts the doughnut in, and pulls money out. A nice arrangement.
  • Bee says she's no good at baking, and when asked what she is good at, "I dunno. Nothing? Eating?" The big guy reveals that he makes some things to put himself, just to give away. Is that what causes the black hole to malfunction? Is that what the owner was trying to get B & PC not to let him do? If so, he really should have been more specific! I put the blame on him.
  • We are approaching the Huge Moment. I put it right up there with Rose Quartz's true identity, so, I hope you've watched this already and aren't reading ahead....
  • Mui cuts himself with a baking chrystal, which you have to admit, is not something that a foodstuff can usually do. Mui can't pull it out, but Bee can. Mui: "Ha ha ha! Are you stronger than me?" HMMM.
  • Deckard: "I finished my doughnut! Let's send it out!" While he and Mui do that, Bee takes a piece of dough with a chrystal and tucks it away in her uniform's satchel.
  • Ah, it's when Deckard puts his doughnut in through the black hole that it goes crazy, and begins emitting many huge, grasping hands. This is not something anyone expects to happen. Maybe there's a hidden significance to it.
  • The hands seem to be reaching for the chrystals, maybe they're of some importance? One chunk that one of the hands takes, Bee climbs upon. The hands grasp for the whole torus the bakery is on and begin tearing it apart; it seems to be made from the same kind of "chrystals?" Mui grabs her from off of it. "Oooohkay, time to go!"
  • Deckard gets knocked to the ground! Mui gets pulled through the black hole! Bee grabs Mui and tries to pull him back!
  • Seriously, this is your last warning! Go watch the episode if you haven't yet! Revelation strength 10/10 here!
  • As Bee pulls back on Mui with all her strength, a light flashes on the back of her lower leg, and her legs dig into the hard crystal ground.
  • Mui's lasts words as he's pulled through: "Thanks for being so nice to me. No one's ever bandaged my finger before--" What happens to him is unknown.
  • What is known, however, is that Bee's arms get pulled through--------
  • There is a crunching sound, and multicolored streamers emerge from the black hole, like the ones in her dream of Puppycat back in Food & Farmer.
  • Bee's eyes change color, becoming pink with tiny irises..
  • She pulls her arms back out and looks at one of them. The skin is peeled away. The streamers are actually mechanical tendons, wound around a cylindrical spool. (It's got a heart and star design.) Various other workings are visible. The secret, long alluded to, is at last revealed: Bee is a robot, created by her "father." That's why she's so strong, that's why her tear on Cat Head planet froze into crystal, that's why she has so much technical junk in her apartment, and that's why she hates the water. Her dreams, especially, must be seen in new light. And remember the song in the previous story? "I hope that you're not broke, and things are running well. I'll always be in the memory...." It's why she "hasn't grown up," as Cass said, it's probably an extra part of why she feels guilty about Deckard staying for her, and it may be why she can get by on food buried in her couch, without a kitchen. Does she even need to eat? Her stomach does growl at times. While this is a game-changer, it needn't greatly affect how you feel about Bee. She's still her usual lazy and wonderful self. For the most part she's human, it's just what's beneath her skin that's different.
  • When Deckard hit the ground, the back of his head was bleeding, with little bits of "chrystal" around it. But soon he sees Bee's arm when she shields him from a falling rock.... "Woah."
  • Bee appears to have entered into a survival mode. She doesn't speak at all in this sequence, and she seems much stronger than usual, but she doesn't seem to have much personality. She literally throws Deckard up into TempBot's face high above. One of the hands from the black hole reaches for her, and she splits it in two with her working arm!
  • She looks into the fryer, and we see, from her reflection, that one of her eyes is glitching, flipping between shapes. She reaches in with her damaged arm, lifts the whole thing up straight-armed and, with it electrified from her arm, throws it into the black hole, which quickly shrinks and explodes. Bee is thrown onto her back.
  • At last, Bee's eyes return to normal. The bakery owner, now returned, is morose over the damage. Not a victory for Team Temp.
Wrapping up:
- Toast is still sleeping it off on Cass' futon while she works.
- Deckard picks the piece of crystal out of his head and bandages the wound. He decides to go to culinary school--tonight. His many brothers (at least five) finally show up to see him off. He takes with him a picture, of him and Bee at the Cat Cafe.
- A pastry with a chrystal in it is left on Cardamon's door, with a note: "I tried making this for you. If you make a wish and eat it it'll come true. Bee Apt. 207" It's resting on a cloth with jolly letter Bs on it. (Puppycat escapes while the door is open.)
- Electric components and transistors are also left around Cardamon's doorstep. Many have cute faces on them, including one that looks a lot like Puppycat himself. Puppycat runs home.
- Cass sees Deckard off on his train. He passes her a note to give to Bee, and leaves.
- Cardamon, dubious, tests it by feeding a piece to Sticky first, who starts turning different colors. He then gives the rest to his mother, making her swallow it. She doesn't wake up, but instead starts crying a great gush of tears, tears containing jellyfish.
- At home. Bee's sitting with her arm in her Dadbox, where fine manipulation equipment repair her arm. To Puppycat, she says, "Oh, ha ha. There's a lot of stuff we don't know about each other." Puppycat asks: "What's your favorite color? What's your favorite animal? What's your favorite food? What do you want to be when you grow up?" "Everything? Is that an answer? Everything."

Season 2, Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space, is coming up on VTV. Trailer - Some early footage
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Ahhh... I just realized. The bakery owner, I think, is Tommy Wiseau!
posted by JHarris at 11:43 PM on December 8, 2018

The whole Bee-being-a-robot is a thing I've heard a couple of people, in other areas of the internet, express concern about. I think it's been the source of a bit of controversy even; the Kickstarter backers thought they were getting more of the same, when Natasha Allegri has add these weird new wrinkles to the story. I like them a lot, they're foreshadowed in a way that reminds me of Steven Universe, and the fact that both Allegri and Rebecca Sugar came from out of Adventure Time's crew indicates some shared creative influences.

But still, wow, a robot, in a show that, up until that last episode, seemed to be fairly slice-of-life except for the magic temp stuff. Some people may wonder about that.

So, what do we know about Bee being a robot?

- She seems to be some kind of magic robot. Her parts have hearts and stars and faces on them. She does seem to have workings though.
- She did have a childhood, or at least a period where she was smaller; we see a photo of young Bee with her father.
- Her dreams have moments where she dreams of water, of crystals (including where her fingernails are crystal), of her arms erupting in streamers, whichhave to be taken a little more literally now. She probably interpreted those dreams a bit more accurate than we, the viewers, have.
- She hasn't known Deckard or Cass for long. Evidently she met Deckard at the Cat Cafe, where she didn't work long. They definitely didn't know. (Deckard knows now.) Apparently not many people know.
- She has lived with Puppycat for a while and he didn't suspect anything, which seems to indicate she passes for human easily.
- She may or may not have known Cardamon and/or his mother for a bit. When I think about writing, I seek to connect elements that are unusual or supernatural. Does Cardamon know? He calls Bee a "weirdo" at least once, so I assume not. Did Bee's dad know Cardamon's mother?

So... why, from the creator's standpoint, was it important for Bee to be a robot? My own interpretation is, it's about how Bee (who it seems Allegri has said is a little autobiographical) may feel how she doesn't fit in with people. Being a robot hasn't matted hardly at all, in a strong sense, to five-and-a-half major stories. She's really good at passing for human. But in a more subtle sense, has trouble with things like cooking or paying rent on time. She sleeps on a couch and eats food out of it. So, my interpretation is that it's a metaphor for not "feeling" human, a kind of alienation, having trouble with things that seem easy to others, which is a feeling that seems to be common to millennials. This contrasts to the other human characters, who seem to have things pretty well together. (Well except for Toast. She's a wreck.)

What do you guys think?
posted by JHarris at 2:11 PM on December 9, 2018 [1 favorite]

That fur-shivering thing that the cats of Cat Head Planet do and that Bee does when her arm breaks in the black hole reminds me very strongly of Totoro. And in this episode, Bee seems to look a lot like Mei from My Neighbor Totoro. I think Mei also does that shivery thing when she finds the soot sprites? I bet there's a ton more Miyazaki references that I'm missing!
posted by moonmilk at 5:20 PM on December 9, 2018 [1 favorite]

Good catch! Places where you see tears well up in big globs, those are "Miyazaki tears," there might be a few of those in there.
posted by JHarris at 9:20 PM on December 9, 2018 [1 favorite]

For what it’s worth, ketchup is kind of a standard element in omurice.
posted by DoctorFedora at 5:19 AM on December 10, 2018 [2 favorites]

I loved this. I thought the bakery scene was well paced and looked great. The furniture was drawn differently what has been seen in Bee and Puppycat before.

The arms reaching out of the black hole seem similar to the ones reaching out of the cherry on the jelly cube planet.

My 3 year old is going around singing "you've got something on your face"

JHarris: I'm on board with your interpretation.
posted by bdc34 at 12:01 PM on December 10, 2018 [1 favorite]

Another aspect that seems similar to Steven Universe: at first the stories seem like they follow a format (Bee uses magic temp work to solve a problem; shit gets weird), but over time you see that it’s significantly more complicated and building on itself to become one overall story. At least, it seems to be heading that way.
posted by ocherdraco at 6:27 PM on December 10, 2018 [1 favorite]

We watched the whole show (Pilot + episodes 1-10) at MST Club this week. I'm still gleaning new information, although some things might have changed in production after pilot:
- Bee doesn't like to be submerged in water, but she can get wet.
- The first time she sees Cardamon on-screen she says that she hasn't seen him in a while.
- Cardamon says, "I'm your landlord now." Now. When Bee asks how his mother is, he replies, "Still sleeping." We don't know how long she's been asleep for sure, but it seems like it's got to be less than two months from that point, since Bee tends to pay rent late, and hands it in in person, which would have to be to Cardamon. After that, we don't have solid information on how much time has passed.
- Deckard, up until he leaves for Cooking Prince Academy I suppose, seems to still work at the cat cafe as a prep cook.
- Cardamon remarks when Bee pays rent not in coins. Bee tries paying the arcade machines in Glitch Gulch with coins that turn out to be candy. Are these the same coins she was using to pay rent? Where did they come from? She seems to think they weren't all candy once, but maybe that's all that's left?
- Cass's full first name, which I missed at first, is "Castaspella." How 'bout that, a She-Ra reference. The whole Wizard family is supposed to be named after wizards, but I don't know who Deckard was named after. (The wiki [of course there is one] suggests Deckard Cain from Diablo.)

One thing to remember about Bee and Puppycat is that there are also comic issues, that seem to be more in-touch canonically than most comic spinoffs of shows. It is worth noting that all the tells that there's something unusual about Bee are in the comic as well: in the first issue all the technological stuff is still in her home decor and attic, and the Dad Box is right there by her window. In fact, the first time I noticed the tech stuff was in the comic. She still sleeps on the couch in the comic, too. Even That Crow is in the comic. If you're jonesin' for more B&PC, there's 11 issues on Comixology. It doesn't currently seem to be in production; maybe that will change with the release of Lazy in Space? All the issues are currently available through their "Unlimited" program, which is $5.99 a month with a free month trial.

Something else. All of the dreams Bee has, she wears the same gown in them. This includes the comic. It's also present in the last of the Episode 9/10 eyecatches, which show off most of the outfits she's worn over the course of the show. Another thing. The fact that Puppycat can talk with and understand all these insects and invertebrates (Keith the Crab), but not mammals like Sticky, the Dog or the Crow, seems like it may be important?

Finally, the reaching black arms that appear in Farmer, and in the last episode, also appear in issue two of the comic. I don't know much beyond that.
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I'm one of the people who saw the original pilot, rejoiced when I saw there was a Kickstarter (that I missed, of course, but whatever), and then watched some of the episodes and found they didn't quite hit the mark in the same way. Then everything went to VTV and I basically forgot Bee and Puppycat existed, especially when it apparently took forever and a half to put out episodes 4 and 5 (or 6-10 in the original parlance).

I'm glad I came back. This episode was a lot more random than the others, which I don't totally appreciate (at least not yet), and I'm not sure how I feel about that last reveal of robothood. But ultimately the characters are still the characters we know and love; Bee's still fundamentally the same person she's always been, no matter what's inside her arms. (Also, neat callback to the dream she had in the pilot where her arms get sliced open and ribbons come out.) And in hindsight, I guess they did lay out all the breadcrumbs you needed for the emotional payoffs of the last episode. I really like how Bee and Puppycat's relationship has evolved to a point where we can have that last scene and it just feels right.

This show is not the show I was hoping for when I watched the pilot, but that's okay. I think I like this too.
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