All the Creatures Were Stirring (2016)
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On the night before Christmas, a couple on an awkward date go to see a play featuring horrific Christmas stories.

This Christmas anthology is a bit like Theater Bizarre, but with a seasonal twist.
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I was underwhelmed. I thought the only good sequence was the second one with the two women in the van. The rest of it was pretty warmed over, and in a couple of segments it seemed as though someone had edited together a bunch of scenes in the wrong sequence. The reindeer segment in particular was so stupid that I fast forwarded through it. And the framing device was kind of interesting, but the end of the movie was awfully limp.
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Also underwhelmed. I thought the van one had the most potential, but also it was necessary to cram in quite a lot of exposition into the last 2 minutes of a 10 minute segment to make it add up...I think that one would have benefitted from a longer format.

Overall the whole thing felt like they did one draft of every story and then filmed them as quickly and cheaply as possible...I agree that the reindeer one was the most useless...But I was most embarrassed on behalf of the movie at the end of the Christmas Carol segment when the guy was gleefully making snow angels on the bare grass...That was obviously meant to be an ironic sight gag, but it felt like the whole movie in a nutshell: We've not really got much to sell, but here's our movie anyway.
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I was also intensely underwhelmed by this film, which was, at its best mediocre, and at its worse boring and cliche.

If you're looking for a scary Christmas anthology, I would recommend a Christmas Horror Story. That's a lot of fun.
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