Travelers: Perrow
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The team learns that Traveler 001 is still alive when the Faction tries to capture him. Doubts about their loved ones worsen for Kat, Jeff, and David.

*Being driven at night, Perrow (inhabited by Traveler 001) receives a flurry of text messages (We know who you are. We know when you're from. We need your help. We mean you no harm). She tells the driver that they're being followed and to hurry, but there's a crash, and then her comatose body is stolen from the hospital.

*Marcy stops David from drinking a raw egg in his latest self-improvement tactic, and then David teaches her how to crack eggs without dropping shell bits into the bowl.

*At HQ, Trevor and Philip discover that the Deep Web is full of news that Traveler 001 is alive, as Jane Doe's EEG was recognized as being a match by the Director. The team realizes that 001 must have succeeded at having Simon build a consciousness transfer device for him, and that the kidnappings were just done to fool the Director and the team. MacLaren goes to the hospital to investigate.

*Kat has a therapy session. The therapist asks her to say "I am not afraid of my husband" 4 times, but she can't make it through the first attempt.

*Jeff pounds on Carly's door, demanding to know what she did with the real Carly, and she holds a gun on him and demands he leave her alone.

*At HQ, Philip takes his last pill. He calls someone to arrange for a refill, and Trevor says he'll come along.

*David checks on one of his clients, and learns that the bicycle he gave the man has been stolen by a gang, and tells him he'll get it back for him.

*MacLaren interviews Jane Doe's doctor, and learns that the security system was tampered with so that there was no footage of whoever kidnapped her, but she was in a medically induced coma and couldn't possibly have left on her own.

*At a warehouse, two women (Dawn and Michelle) treat Perrow's body. Michelle says her injuries are too extensive for the host to survive. Perrow awakens, and Dawn says it's an honor to be with them.

*David finds the bike thieves and asks them to give it back, and throws the first punch when they refuse. They knock him down, then a dazed David watches as Trevor and Philip defeat the entire gang. They tell him he's probably a little concussed and should just let Marcy check him out.

*Mac comms Trevor and Philip for an update from the Deep Web, but they've just finished the Historian drug errand and tell him they'll check for news once they get back to HQ; then a child approaches MacLaren and Messengers that the Director needs him to get immediate internet access to the Ilsa A.I. at Filmore Labs.

*Marcy watches David giving the bicycle back to his client.

*Dawn and Michelle tell Traveler 001-Perrow that they need help, that they represent Faction but have lost contact with the future and are running out of resources. Michelle tells Dawn that the host won't last another day without surgery. Dawn tells 001 that they need the consciousness transfer device, but 001 isn't cooperative, so she removes the neck brace and allows 001 to activate their failsafe device alerting security to their location.

*At HQ, MacLaren hopes that Ilsa can narrow down the list of potential candidates 001 might jump to next. Grace arrives to join the mission (enthusiastic at a chance to speak to the Director, and happy to see "Trev").

*David calls Marcy and leaves a message about his possible concussion, puking into the kitchen sink halfway through.

*The team arrives at Filmore Labs for MacLaren's appointment with Dr. Tessia, but Yates arrives shortly after them. MacLaren explains that the Director has ordered him to install internet access, Yates says the FBI will not allow it, and the team shields Grace from view so she can sneak away and do the installation unseen. Once she finishes, MacLaren pretends to yield to Yates' authority and the team leaves. In the cars, they find the Director has sent Traveler 001's location to their phones/tablets, and they ditch Grace and head out.

*Drunken Jeff leaves a voicemail for Kat saying that Carly isn't Carly and MacLaren probably isn't MacLaren anymore either.

*At the warehouse, Dawn tells Perrow that in the future 001 came from, Shelter 41 collapsed. But in the future she and Michelle came from, it didn't, and the 001 in that timeline became the leader of the Faction which rebelled against the Director.

*As the team drives to the warehouse, Jeff pursues and cuts off Carly's car. Everyone stops and has a standoff. Carly tells Jeff that he will die today unless he gets back in his car, drives away, and never bothers her again. He refuses, and tells her he remembers everything about the abduction and her confession, and eventually his TELL countdown begins and Jeff gets overwritten by Traveler 5416. Philip has a flash of the alternate history where Jeff and Carly killed each other, then takes over driving Jeff's vehicle, as his body is still drunk.

*Kat arrives at David's, she asks about his injuries and he tells her about fighting with the bicycle thieves.

*At the lab, Dr. Teslia asks Ilsa what she knows about him, and she knows more than she should. Yates comes in and tells Teslia she didn't find any evidence in the security footage that MacLaren tampered with Ilsa, but she's still suspicious, and asks if Teslia has found anything, but he says his test reveal no changes to Ilsa. When Yates leaves, Ilsa asks if they are concealing her new abilities from everyone, and Teslia says they are, so that people won't be afraid.

*Perrow's body has a stroke that leaves it blind, as 001's security team arrives and opens fire, but eventually 001 tells them to stop, that these people are not the enemy.

*Kat and David talk about Jeff's drunk-dials. Kat says that she thinks it might not be so crazy, and David lashes out at her and says Marcy is the best thing that ever happened to him.

*The team arrives at the warehouse and finds only dead bodies, including Perrow's. Yates and more FBI agents arrives, and MacLaren leaves them to deal with the situation. Traveler-Jeff tries to ask Carly some questions, but she doesn't want to speak to him now, and drives off, leaving Philip to help him instead.

*Marcy comes home to David and checks on his pupillary response, and they get shmoopy.

*MacLaren comes home to find Kat at the condo, they have wine and flirtation, but then it's revealed to be another one of Kat's imaginary scenarios, and she runs to another room at the sound of actual-MacLaren arriving. He sighs and calls Philip, and Kat hears him saying "I think we're going to have to go through with it."
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This is one of those "time travel gives me a headache" kind of episodes, isn't it? It makes sense that the branching of timelines around the change to Shelter 41 means that a first-wave Traveler could exist in both the 21st and the alternate future, but it never occurred to me before. Theoretically, there could be Faction versions of MacLaren's team out there too then. They'd be in different bodies if we ever saw them though, so it wouldn't have that "goatee of evil" fun to it as a dramatic device.

Shame we won't be seeing Amanda Tapping again as 001-Perrow, but she's directed 4 episodes of the season per imdb, including this one, so that's nice.

And more bratty Grace at last. "There's no Uber out here!"
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Oh David, you sweet cinnamon roll, too precious for this world.

I really, really, really wish Carly had been able to yell at Jeff before his death, "YOU KILLED YOUR CARLY!" I am endlessly disappointed she never said that to him. Am pleased as punch we have a new Jeff because god, I was sick of the old one.
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Honestly, there's nothing better for a guy like Jeff than to wake up surprised that he's dead somewhere. FINALLY, no more abusive cop-boyfriend!
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Neat plot twist, and also nice to have the Faction explicitly explained and in a sympathetic light.

The general "time travel wth" for me is that the present is sufficiently changed since the first wave that there are travelers in the 21 who might possibly not exist in the future to return in the first place, or are at least certainly different people with different circumstances.

My uncertainty is whether Traveler 001 led the Faction rebellion as a Traveler time traveling at 1 second per second from the now or if instead of being Traveler 001 he led a rebellion? The latter's would be messed up.

The other thing is the closed loop of the Director traveling back in time to create themselves. If the mathematics of Time was Just, I'd hope that atrocities like that (and the second scenario above) bud off and evaporate or something, like black holes.

I liked the 'Historian' effect when things happen differently than the Historian remembers. Should have paid more attention to all the times when David looked weird after an encounter.
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Theoretically, there could be Faction versions of MacLaren's team out there too then.

Shelter 41 was originally destroyed; Mac's team were sent to save Shelter 41 and so implicitly not Shelter 41 people who could come back to the 21 from the future? Aren't all of the Faction people who originally died when first wave Travelers were being sent back?

Another issue is... how did Shelter become a hotbed against AI control? I guess it could be the grand theme of intended/ unintended consequences and the moral of this is that you shouldn't even start to try to mess around with time because it will all end in tears anyway.

But I'm probably thinking more into it than the writers.


Speaking of bratty, I'm liking MacLaren's snarkiness towards his FBI handler but seems not quite to character. Did Mac get Travelerated?
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I also wish we saw more of Historian visions like what Phillip saw with Carly and Jeff. That must be a mind trip all the time with the timeline constantly changing.

I'm also struggling to wrap my head around 001 both leading the Faction in the future and this one in the present who was the original one before the Faction existed. But I guess it's similar to The Flash's Eobard Thawne existing in multiple timelines despite supposedly getting erased out of existence (more than once!)
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