Top Chef: Kentucky: Naughty and Nice
December 20, 2018 5:22 PM - Season 16, Episode 3 - Subscribe

It's holiday time for Top Chef, and Richard Blais and Brooke Williamson help spread the festive cheer by presenting a white elephant Quickfire challenge. Then, the Chefs receive an unexpected gift as Michelin starred super Chef Eric Ripert sits down with them to celebrate an elaborate traditional French Christmas dinner. However, once the last bite is taken, Padma informs the Chefs that they’re missing the final part of the tradition of Le Revillon de Noel...the presentation of 13 desserts. It's a midnight pastry free-for-all as the Chefs try to avoid being placed on the naughty list.
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I still can't believe contestants that show up that haven't even studied desserts just a little; it always screws someone. No surprise the pastry chefs ended up top 3 though.
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So far I'm rooting for the guy (David?) who always ends up short some ingredients, but instead of complaining he rocks out something interesting and amazing. I'm tired of chefs whining about how they didn't get the best protein. The show is all about working within wacky constraints; it's what you signed up for.
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I loved how some we're geeking out about eating with Ripert.
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Oh boy, we're still in Eddie's feelings. I want him to either move on or get booted. Despite that I still hate Brandon the most.

I LOVE Nini! Smart, talented, creative, doesn't try to fuck anyone over. I hope she keeps up her streak. Maybe she can be Nina's revenge (from season whatever when Nick "I Still Can't Even Season My Food Properly" Elmi won).

I found it off-putting how Justin was so star-struck meeting Richard Blais.
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Maybe she can be Nina's revenge (from season whatever when Nick "I Still Can't Even Season My Food Properly" Elmi won).

While it doesn't quite qualify as Nina's revenge (which I badly desire), I still enjoy the fact that although Nick "won" Top Chef, it came at the price of losing Jacques Pepin's respect.

I found it off-putting how Justin was so star-struck meeting Richard Blais.

Glad I'm not the only one. It left me a bit quizzical.
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Richard Blaise seemed to be off-put by both Justin and David.

I kinda felt that Kevin has been a nonentity so far, so I wasn’t too sad to lose him.
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Nini is the best. She's basically me, a nerdy fan excited to be on the show. Except also she's an amazingly good cook so that's not like me at all. Sadly I have a feeling she won't last many more episodes.

BTW, anyone watching the Last Chance webisodes? They're quite good. It's nice to watch the show stripped down to just cooking. Sadly no Padma, so no Padma's amazing outfits.
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While it doesn't quite qualify as Nina's revenge (which I badly desire) I suppose I should say in fairness, Nina never asked for revenge. But if she wants it, when I searched for "Nick top chef" to remember his last name, the first two pages of results were articles about how he should never have won sprinkled with straightforward lists of all of the Top Chef winners. He has no defenders except Tom (ugh).

I watch LCK. I like how Tom gets more relaxed in that environment. I do feel bad for the chefs who were kicked off both shows and then have to watch endless LCK quickfires.

Here's my pitch for an episode: the chefs have to cook a dish using only the fresh ingredients that are about to spoil in the Top Chef pantry. I always worry about that. Although Padma and Tom both have a lot of social justice in their social media presence, so hopefully they are aware of the potential waste and someone is finding a way to make use of it.
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LCK is where some of the best cooking happened last year wasn't it? Sometimes I prefer it above TC since you can see the chefs respect each other and it's about the food instead of having to watch egos or Eddie's feelings. Yes I am still mad at his shopping idiocy.
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I was salivating over the waffle and egg in this LCK. Most of the other plates looked like hot messes.
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Oops, I mixed up Justin and David. I found David's star-struckness off-putting.
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Now that I've watched more episodes and spent more time critiquing Eddie's feelings, I thought I would come back to this one. I absolutely love his panic in this one, which manages to spread to Tom even. "I don't know, I just thought I would put some stuff that I like together??????"
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