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December 27, 2018 6:29 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

After a 10-year prison sentence, Calliope "Cat" McTeer returns home to Orphelin Bay, where her brother Augie is dealing with a fisherman's murder.
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I started the first episode and it didn't immediately grab me, so I've been waiting for more reviews to decide if it is worth continuing. Like the Guardian review says, it is definitely a very pretty show.
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The MermaidNoir tag is scandalously skimpy!
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I miss my murder-mermaids of Freeform's "Siren", so I wanted to give this a shot. The first episode didn't grab my attention fully (I switched back to a couple more episodes of "The Protector" instead of starting the next Tidelands episode after posting this thread), but, I am curious to find out what exactly Cat did to get sent to prison, and what the deal is with her mother/parentage, so, I plan to get back to it at some point.

The MermaidNoir tag is scandalously skimpy!

Hee. I'm not as creative with my tags as other posters (thank goodness for auto-fill), and technically I don't think this is actually a mermaid show, but, with the drug-smuggling angle it just seemed fitting.
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Oh yay! I am watching this show for the lovely beaches and the punching. Punch, punch, punch! It's one of those terrible but awesome shows. I encourage others to keep watching!
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I liked the concept and thought the first episode was a nice intro that left a lot to learn. The overall series was satisficing to me! If I have more time to actually write down my thoughts, I may make a post that covers the whole series.
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Yeah, please go ahead - I did eventually finish the season, but didn’t feel motivated to make another thread.
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May I say that I needed an adjustment in seeing the actress playing Rosie, Caroline Brazier, as not Rake's long suffering , Ward Cleaver's ex-wife, Wendy.
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One thing I really do like is there’s no slut shaming. Like, there’s a lot of ladies that have decided with a lot of different dudes, and they’re not presented as bad for it.
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