The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)
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A father and son, both coroners, are pulled into a complex mystery while attempting to identify the body of a young woman, who was apparently harboring dark secrets.
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Saw on Netflix last night. Found it very creepy, at times to the point of covering my eyes. Surprised it’s not better known, consider the hype that some other recent horror and suspense films have received that aren’t as good. This one has great acting, script, cinematography, and effects.

Yes, a real woman, Olwyn Kenny, plays the corpse.
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We saw this in the theater and had a great discussion afterwards about the idea of consent. How every inch of her body was mutilated in some way without her permission, and how she turned it back on her attackers every time.

And how the idea of women getting justice for patriarchal violations will always be the scariest plot imaginable for some viewers. That it was a nice touch seeing the multigenerational patriarchal representation in a father/son duo working in the mortuary together, and how they reacted differently once both understood what made this corpse so different.

Finally, the idea that some patriarchal values (especially around dead nude young women) are so deeply ingrained in us, it's truly shocking when their influence on us becomes obvious. I dunno, that's some Deep ThoughtsTM about the movie and all, but it was scary as shit too. The lighting and editing made my shoulders tense up like I was about to teleport right into the film and die screaming.

Loved it!
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Unicorn on the cob, if you haven’t already, the Faculty of Horror podcast did a great episode on this film (and Witch):

They get into similar themes of conversation.

I like the core father/son relationship (Cox is always a pleasure to watch) and agree that this was criminally overlooked, though it was much loved by people into horror in the year it came out.
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I was going to watch this, but a review talked about a cat getting killed, which is something that I’m not sure I want to see...
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Yep, after the cat scene, my husband said “all the cat people just turned it off.”

Thanks so much for the analysis, Unicorn on the cob!
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Thanks, which is a pity, since this sounds very much like my jam, but I just can’t.
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This is easily my favorite horror movie of that year, and I try and recommend it to everyone who will listen. It's so tense!
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Watched this last night and it was indeed very tense, with lots of good scares.

I also appreciated how thoughtful it was, including the coroners discussing why the dead woman didn't just kill them outright.
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Loved this movie, quite unique when it comes to horror, I need to see it again, would heartily recommend.

Not to get spoilery, but in retrospect it made a kind of sense that Emile Hirsch stars.
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ok this was a really great movie. I love horror but I am rarely frightened, and often bored, by many horror movies...not this one!!

It was creepy and atmospheric right out of the gate (the building alone...) built and maintained great tension, did not rely on jump scares but used a few to good effect. it felt sustained to me and the ending was not a disappointment. there were things I saw coming, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment.
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Well, this delightfully layered movie was not playing around! Thank you slimepuppy for linking to the amazing “Faculty of Horror” podcast on this film. After listening to that episode (which also discussed another great horror film, The VVitch) I gained an even deeper appreciation for actor Olwyn Kenny, who played Jane Doe/the corpse. Having to lie down on a cold metal slab for 8-10 plus hours of filing per day is quite the amazing physical feat.
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I just watched this last night because I found out that André Øvredal directed an upcoming movie that's just that chapter of Dracula where he kills a bunch of guys on a ship, something I have always wished existed but figured would be impossible to make work.

Having seen this movie, I am now totally confident in his ability to pull off a Nautical Dracula movie.
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I just watched this because it was on that Shudder show. I'd been skipping it for years because it sounded like one of those horror movies where they didn't have any money so they shot it all on one set, and nothing happens (sorry, Pontypool). But actually, it turned out to be great until they walked away from that set! The last act is just really dire, in my opinion, and shows that they had no idea how to land this thing...which is too bad, but hey.
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