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November 4, 2014 8:00 AM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Beth wakes up in a hospital, in Slabtown.
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Beth doesn't exist in the comics, and this episode's hospital community doesn't line up with anything in the comics that I recall. (Though I've only read through maybe issue #110.) So not much to discuss.

However, does it seem to anyone else that the plots the series comes up with on its own are generally not as good as the comic book plots? I'm thinking the CDC in Atlanta, Episode III-CCC: The Search for Sophia, dragging out the Governor even longer, Andrea - just Andrea, and now Slabtown. (I didn't mind this episode as much as most, but it was sloppy and needs to wrap up soon.)

I'm sure someone will give even more examples where the show is improved! (Darryl? Terminus?)
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In general, I think Beth does not add much to the show. Her suicide attempt was...whatever. She has always seemed weirdly tone-deaf and clueless. In that sense, I think she takes on the role that Sophia continued to play in the comics for awhile. But it wore better on ComicSophia because Beth is so much older than she was. Plus, ComicSophia really had lost everything and came from a broken home besides, but Beth came from a lovely home and still had her Dad and her Sister, both of whom were strong leaders.

I didn't hate this episode, it actually fleshed out Beth's character in a compelling way. I think she sucks just a little bit less than I thought before.

I hadn't thought about comparing the quality of book storylines and show-only storylines. I quite liked the CDC stuff on the show; it seemed like a logical place to go if you're in Atlanta and a crazy virus sends the world to hell.

The Search for Sophia was ugh. But lots of the stuff with the Governor was good, and I honestly appreciated seeing more of his character's complexity than existed in the comics. It made him a better enemy for Rick. I also prefer ComicAndrea, but that doesn't mean I didn't like Andrea on the show, too.

I like Darryl, and I'm glad he's a part of the crew on the show.

I prefer Michonne on the show. I like her quirky friendship with Carl. I like the small sparks of affection that she's shown to Carl, Rick, and Andrea. She's still a badass, but she's not a robot. I get why ComicMichonne was the way she was, all that brutal rape and torture stuff at the Governor's hands. I don't entirely get why the dude with the tiger was the one to draw her out of her shell, but whatever.

I saw Terminus as an extension of the roving cannibals from the comics from back when Rick & co. were captured last season. To me, though there are plenty of changes, I'm not sure that's an entirely new storyline the way that ZombieSophia was. Probably just a matter of degrees though.
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