Steven Universe: Escapism
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Steven and Connie are locked up in Gem Gaol, so Steven tries to call home for help. Who, of all people, will he contact?
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My guess was that he would call the pebble with his cell phone.
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That did not go the way I thought it would
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Looking forward to the next few visits to the Watermelon Stevens. Perhaps by the end of the show's run they'll be piloting seed-powered flying cars in a utopian metropolis.
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I assume Bismuth knows about the Lion Portal, but does she know about the Lars portal? i don't think that has been shown
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I assume Bismuth knows about the Lion Portal, but does she know about the Lars portal? i don't think that has been shown

I mean, usually the show is careful and deliberate with how it sets up plot points, but they could always handwave that with Bismuth saying something like "I went into Lion's mane to see if Rose had stashed away anything we could use... imagine my surprise when I found a ship and crew in there!"
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Man, I find the Watermelon society so incredibly creepy! And now there are Watermelon sharks too?
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Only Steven can use the portals, it seems.

It seemed to me like there was room for Stevonnie to escape through the window, and if there wasn't, they could have unfused to get through, then refused on the other side then floated down. But the story intent was to provide an obstacle that's not easily overcome, and they could have devoted extra screen time to providing that but had Storytelling Objectives to reach.

I'd like to say how personally annoyed I am at Yellow just throwing Pink Diamond in a cell. Aren't they supposed to be equivalent in importance? Isn't this like a coup? They always treated her as a child. It becomes easier to see, after thousands of years of this, why Pink Diamond rebelled. So long as she makes with the morale-boosting parties they're happy with her, but if they don't take just the form they want they put her in a cage. Phooey on that.
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quick solution: kill Connie, then turn her into a pink zombie and use her hair as portal!

(i kid)
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Can anyone currently in Beach City unpoof Peridot and Lapis?
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Uh, is it even possible to "unpoof" a gem? It's always seemed like it's up to the gem how long it takes for them to come back, and I don't think anyone has ever forced a gem to reform, not even via Steven/Rose's healing power.
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Contrasting Stevens creations the pebbles and the watermelons is interesting and how they adapted to their environments.

I love watermellon dog. And pumpkin dog. All the dogs really.

Waiting for rescue!
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Ugh, had to unsubscribe from the stevenuniverse subreddit. It's all "GAH, FILLER EPISODE WHY!@!?, RUBBISH CREWNIVERSE DON'T KNOW PACING!@!@" over there. They don't seem to understand CN sets the broadcast schedule, not the creators.

This was a fine spot for a filler episode if you watch all season episodes in a short space of time.

I liked the episode, I love me some Stevermellons.
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That's my opinion too Pendragon. There's a lot of fan entitlement over there.
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Only Steven can use the portals, it seems.

Bismuth (Bismuth), Garnet (Your Mother and Mine), Connie? have been going through the portal. You're saying that only Steven can activate the portal?
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"Use" and "activate" are synonyms, I think? If Steven's not there, the portals can't be used.
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Yeah, Bismuth was stuck in Lion until Steven went in to retrieve her in her intro episode. She explicitly asked him for help. We've already seen that not only is Steven required to use the portal, but that Bismuth herself definitely can't work it on her own.
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This was a fun callback to "bubble buddies" where Steven tried to communicate with pictures to Onion, and it took Connie to just write out "harpoon gun"

It just made more sense.
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Steven ignored problems in the society he created to focus on his own concerns. I wonder if the writers are setting up a pointed lesson to compare him to white diamond there?
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Steven ignored problems in the society he created to focus on his own concerns. I wonder if the writers are setting up a pointed lesson to compare him to white diamond there?

He also inadvertently ended an ideological conflict among the watermelon people (pacifism vs warlike expansion) by refusing to participate in it.
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It's worth noting... the Watermelon Stevens are on Mask Island, but the mask theme has disappeared, replaced by melons. Which suggests that the mask-based creatures may have been the result of similar messing about (perhaps accidentally) with organic life by Pink/Rose.
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I wonder if the writers are setting up a pointed lesson to compare him to white diamond there?

So, with Steven intervening again by having both sides build a raft, does this point to the possibility of him inadvertently kicking off an Age of Exploration for the Watermelon Stevens? They might have still been a little scared going into the water because of the memory of Malachite, but seeing one of their own sailing away will probably end any remaining fear.
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That is all.
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Options for a back-up I can think of:

1) Lionback
2) Bismuth repairs an armship
3) Peridot unpoofs and repairs a warp pad
4) Lapis Lazuli unpoofs and flies them over using her FTL drive water wings
5) Lion-to-Lars portal
6) Lars and the Off Colors make it back to earth and give them a lift
7) ???
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Here's my theory:

Lapis and Peridot reform, and are informed of Steven's call for backup. They contact Lars, either by Peridot fixing a communication system or Lapis flying out to find him. Lars picks up the gems, Lion and Greg from Earth and brings them to Homeworld in time to have a Big Damn Heroes moment in the one-hour special.
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I do feel like Lars' portal has to play into it, if for no other reason than a) it was established to exist but hasn't been used for any big plot points yet, and b) we seem to be in endgame. (nooooo! and yet yaaaay! for cohesive endings to things)
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I'd like to remind people that Steve Universe is not ending. This is just the end of Season 5, there's more show to come! Remember, Adventure Time went out to 10 seasons.
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True... sigh. I didn't mean that it had been announced or confirmed at all.
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Aah, sorry. Tying up loose ends is a good thing yes.
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Yeah, between Bismuth and Peri they can totally fix a handship. And we've seen Peri fly one, so that's a really clear and direct thing they could do to get home.
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He is the bravest and best little Watermelon Dude ever. And he kissed the shark-melon because it was only being a shark-melon.

Also, Connie is like the most Awesome Human BFF. Thrown into space-jail? I will be your nap pillow and share my granola bar and help you think of ways to escape while I calmly chill out and prepare to rain terror on your enemies. She is So Cool.
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I was also pretty bummed to see a watermelon episode instead of More Plottiness, but... it was gloriously done, no doubt. I'm only frustrated because I have to wait one more week to find out what happens.
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I hate to say it but... it's two more weeks. The show returns on the 21st.
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pointed lesson to compare him to white diamond there?
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In more than a couple ways: the island is split in two, a la homeworld. The icon of peace is in a Jesus Christ pose...a LA white diamond
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I am freaked out by the idea of my consciousness being trapped in what is basically rotting fruit. I liked the first two Watermelon Steven episodes, but now I'm kinda "eeep" on them.

I mean, as plot points go, ok. It's fine. We got to Bismuth and I'm always glad to see Greg. (I really enjoy the memes where his sex appeal is the real secret weapon that takes down the Diamonds). No one can resist the Universe!

I wish they had at least thrown us the the bone of "hey here's Peri and Lapis, reformed, they got some stars!" even a glimpse would be nice and worth the wait. But nope.
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I kind of can’t believe we went from Imprisoned: a Cliffhanger to Castaway, starring a mute watermelon.

Ok, SU team. I am here for whatever you want to throw at us next. *braces self*
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Reminder to everyone following this thread: the conclusion to Season Five is tonight, and is an hour-long episode!
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