You’re the Worst final season
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So, the final season of You’re The Worst supposedly starts tonight, but I can’t seem to get it clear whether it’s going to be on FXX or that FX+ pay stream service. I looked at my cable listings yesterday and FXX didn’t show YtW tonight.
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The Hulu cord-cutters fancy package (the $40 one + $3 more for no ads) is showing 2 episodes in season 5 with "Available Jan 12 at 11:59PM" for The Intransigence of Love and "Available Jan 19 at 11:59PM" for The Pin in My Grenade. The logo in the poster frames shows FXX.
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wish i had seen this sooner to let you know, it's airing on FXX right now.
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So, anyone have thoughts on the final season so far? It seems like a long build-up to Gretchen and Jimmy's wedding. But, for me, the interesting bits are the scenes at the beginning of each episode, seemingly presenting some sort of near-future look at what (one assumes) happens to their relationship. I guess the big question is whether the marriage actually happens.

Also, after being largely ignored over the previous season, it looks like Gretchen's depression is returning as a plot point.
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I had so many feelings about the penultimate episode. Gretchen's meltdown at her mother recognizing her depression, and just not believing depression was worth fixing was soooooo relatable.

And I was so scared about the fact that she was spinning out. And Edgar's not wrong that Jimmy seems completely unable to understand the weight of what Gretchen is going through - mostly because he struggles to connect with the depth of his own internal self. But Jimmy was also accidentally right that they work because Jimmy is oblivious to the weeds. He might have blinders that prevent him from noticing that Gretchen is really struggling, but those blinders always mean that he always sees her as a full person, not a person who needs fixing.

And I didn't want it to end with Gretchen being Too Much. Or that she had to suddenly be fixed without relapses to deserve a real relationship.

So recognizing that the wedding was a giant eternal trigger for their own insecurities, and they could be together and have a full life without those norms. I was pleased with the result. And I was especially happy that Gretchen was able to convince Jimmy to have a daughter, and that she was allowed motherhood even with her depression.
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