Sex Education: Episode 1
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Despite the ministrations of sex therapist mom Jean and encouragement from Eric, Otis worries he can't get it on, but he's not the only one.

I knew nothing about this series, but it popped up in my Netflix recommended list and I'll watch anything with Gillian Anderson in it.

I loved the first episode and binged the whole season in 1 evening!
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I watched it over the weekend and enjoyed it a lot. Everyone was a little too delightful and pretty to be real, but if you can let that go.

Aimee's probably my favourite which surprised the heck out of me.
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As someone who just watched the trailer, is it explained why they're all British but they appear to go to an American high school? Is this just a "roll with it" situation?
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Really? That's funny. I wonder if it's just how the trailer is cut. What makes you think the high school is American?
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American footballs, letterman jackets, no one is wearing a uniform...
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Funny. Definitely set in England, but especially with Gillian Anderson in the cast, extra attention to American audiences? Stinks but makes sense.
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I watched the entire season twice on Saturday, this is delightful and I love it to bits.
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Netflix’s Sex Education is set in a British school – so why does it feel so American?:

“It’s definitely set in Britain, but we’ve made a very conscious choice to have that American, throw-back nostalgia, John Hughes feel to it.”

“We wanted to make a show with lockers from The Breakfast Club in it,” admitted Taylor. “It was stylistically a deliberate choice early on that we dislocated it from geographically knowing exactly where it was. Mid-Atlantic, American influence, but British ingredients.

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Things that made it feel not-American to me: the "head boy" was a swimmer, not a football or baseball player; the campus was so open; and, hilariously, there were regular buses out in the country. (Am originally US-ian.)
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As someone who just watched the trailer, is it explained why they're all British but they appear to go to an American high school? Is this just a "roll with it" situation?

I too was like waaaaaaait just a minute here when I watched the trailer. I've experienced both school systems and it was super duper obvious to me that the kids were English but the school wasn't. So weird!

But is this good, guys? I love Gillian Anderson but the trailer didn't really grab me.
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“It’s definitely set in Britain, but we’ve made a very conscious choice to have that American, throw-back nostalgia, John Hughes feel to it.”

So, this remark has made me decide to watch the show. And it has, of course, made me look forward to a version of Grange Hill with dialogue and plot points transposed into an American high school context with all sense of local cultural awareness amputated. I'd definitely want to catch that one too!
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But is this good, guys? I love Gillian Anderson but the trailer didn't really grab me.

Alan Sepinwall seems to like it.
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Yeah, I also wondered about the US/UK thing. I watched the first episode and wasn't really taken with it, my SO has more of a liking for YA based stuff and will likely continue to watch.

Gillian Anderson (character)'s house though? Serious envy from me.
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I loved this. I laughed often and adored the range of characters and the weird mix-up of British comedy and throwbacks to 80s Hollywood teen movies like the Breakfast Club, Heathers, Risky Business, and dare I say even Porky's. With Gillian Anderson they had me immediately. There were great updates to some of the many problems with 80s films, with this show having PoC as actual characters rather than stereotypes (including multiple mixed race couples) and exploring gender fluidity, strong relationships between the oldies and the teenagers (Otis of course, but also Eric and his father and Ola and her father), queer relationships (one of which was just there and not a plot point at all, quite refreshing), & friendship between teenaged boys. It is quite explicit in a few sections and I'm not sure I'd classify it as a YA TV show but I would certainly classify it as a very fun watch.
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Are we talking about the whole series in this thread? 'Cause I want to talk about my favorite line from, like, episode 5.

I watched this based on this thread and found the series to be delightful. Thanks, Mefites!
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It was like they translated the script from California to the UK, but there were so many structural elements unchanged. Like calling someone "Headmaster Groff" - we don't do that anywhere I've been in the UK and I grew up around teachers. The school seemed much posher than the students in it. I haven't seen lockers - unlike proms, they haven't been widely adopted here. Accents were from all over. It was like the Death of Stalin as a teen sex comedy.

Cultural alienation aside, since that appears to be a deliberate choice on the part of the creators, it's doing a good job of telling the story, and the exposition isn't too heavy-handed. I find the three leads engaging, although Eric needs some character development before he gets grating. And Gillian Anderson forever. I think it falls on the good side of the line.
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I mean, no one calls anyone "Headmaster" in America, either. They're called the principal. I guess if you're talking right to them you might call them "Principal Groff"? But probably not.
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I created a post for discussion of the whole season.
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no one calls anyone "Headmaster" in America

Many posh private schools still have a Headmaster/Headmistress (though my own posh school just moved to "Head of School" like two years ago...).
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I watched this episode and have so many questions:
* where in the UK are they?
* does their cliff-side Alpine Victorian house exist in real life?
* is this a small-town British high school counterpart to the urban school in Skins?
* do vintage letter jackets even exist in the UK?
* do British teenage nerds really wear bike helmets?
* I am 35; does watching a teen sex comedy with so much nudity make me a pedophile?
* how much awesomer can Gillian Anderson get?
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You're right of course Automocar, but it's not unknown to refer to someone as "Principal X", whereas it is unknown to refer to someone as "Headmaster X": it's always "Mr. X" or "the Headmaster" in context. It's comprehensible, but it's odd enough that I'd suggest a change if I was editing the script (and therefore I presume they must have thought about it and made a conscious choice).

(Corpuses are fun!)
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it's always "Mr. X" or "the Headmaster"

Or more likely an affectionate but insulting nickname.
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This kept popping up on Netflix as something I might want to watch and I kept ignoring it. But finally I checked and saw there was an enthusiastic thread here so on that basis I took the plunge and was glad I did. Watched the whole thing on Saturday.

Also I liked the music and I'm happy to tell you all there are Sex Ed playlists on Spotify.
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The music is a highlight, it'll all much better than it has any right to be based on the premise, and I look forward to joining you all in the season thread once I'm caught up.
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