Future Man: Replay One
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Josh wakes up... or does he? after saving the world... or did he? in the future... or is it? You know what, who knows what the hell's going on anymore. But Future Man is back, and things are as grimy as ever.
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I forgot to post a season long thread! I finished binging it over the weekend.

So this first one was so great. I loved how bonkers it was, and that we're now in the future!

The uhh.. enhancement was still hilarious, apparently last season while Josh Hutchinson was wearing the prosthetic, Seth Rogen who was directing told him to move his hips more and make that thing really swing.
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I'm four episodes in, and I really liked how they devoted a single episode to each of the leads to establish the world. It would have been kind of annoying if I were watching one episode per week, but as the lead-off to a binge, it worked much better than hopping around and trying to make three different episode climaxes.
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agree, and since they're only ~22 mins each, it's easy to just watch the first bunch to get all the set up right
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So, was that Mark Hamill voicing Jesus?
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no it was the guy portraying him, Terral Altom
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While it sagged just a little in the middle, I really enjoyed where this season went. I loved the fact that it simultaneously satirized both SF movie tropes and contemporary culture. That ending had one of the most inventive uses of time travel I've ever seen, and its consequences led seamlessly into the finale.

There were also some really well-written touching moments: Josh persuading his own Nut-Faced version into sacrificing himself, Wolf's recognition that he was taking the place of a better version of himself and being able to live up to that, and the team's inability to be turned on each other at the end.
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I missed this the first time around - just got to the middle of s01e02 and I'm hooked. Thanks Etrigan!

Totally defying my expectations and its rather clever in a <groan> kind of way.
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Just finished the season last night and I think I enjoyed this more than the first season.

The change in perception of Stu from being a somewhat sympathetic character helped the show along by changing the perspective of the ongoing conflict, despite everyone being somewhat horrible.

I also felt smart by guessing the twist in the finale a few minutes before it was revealed.
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I also felt smart by guessing the twist in the finale a few minutes before it was revealed.

same! I kept thinking, why would a prison like this not treat them worse, and why is Seth Rogen so fancy looking at a prison, the future can't be that weird can it?
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I'm still kind of waiting for more people to catch up and comment to give me some more days to really lay out why I loved this season, but a couple of things:

- I did not know that having to survive by climbing over a pile of my dead time-clone corpses was a nightmare I would want to never have
- "I found a needle in a you stack" is just *chef's kiss*
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This has a completely different feeling to it than the first season but that seems perfectly okay, it was hilarious and clever and obvious. Broad doesn't have to be stupid, apparently!
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Is 'Susan' a (really obscure) reference to Discworld?

Susan is DEATH's granddaughter and has a white streak in her dark hair. Rogan's hair has that red streak in it.

In 'Thief of Time' (Discworld #26), she is beholden to stop a group from (intentionally) destroying time. Rogan's Susan is trying to contain a group (inadvertently) destroying time (and monetizing from their containment).

But that's the very limited extent of any connection.
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