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As we begin the new season (after a lovely Christmas special), Moira is filming her comeback movie in Bosnia and David is working on taking his relationship with Patrick to the next level.

This is a FanFare time jump to let us talk about the current episodes without spoiling all those poor bastards who are just now finding the show.
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Dammit, I already forgot my comment on the latest FanFare Talk post.

Schitt's Creek is an original production by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, airing on Tuesday nights. It is also available in the US on Pop TV (formerly TV Guide channel) on Wednesday nights. Older seasons are available on Netflix in the US.
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I love this show and am so pleased by all the recent positive coverage it has been receiving. I definitely poo-poo'd it when it first came out but last year watched all four seasons and fell into the warm embrace of the Rose family.
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Thanks to a discussion over on the Twotters, I realized that David Rose is perhaps the most tragic character on television today, and that is largely due to Daniel Levy's considerable acting chops. You can see, every now and then, that David absolutely knows how fucked up he is (unlike his sister), and that he desperately does not want to be that fucked up (unlike his mother), but simply does not possess the tools necessary to unfuck himself (unlike his father), and that he knows all of those things, but keeps trying.

In lesser hands, he would be pitiable, or laughable, or simply one-dimensional, but I genuinely feel for David as portrayed.
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Where is everyone getting the full season?
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The full fifth season isn't out yet; I just didn't think there'd be enough interest in individual episode posts. I will defer to anyone else who wants to post them, though.
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Ah I see. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm use to seeing "Season X" posts on Fanfare for things that are on Netflix or Hulu where you get the whole season dropped at the same time.
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I love how Patrick has the clear knowledge that David is acting even weirder than normal and just gets quietly amused by it and follows along.

It was nice to see Alexis feel a bit bad about messing with David. It shows growth on her part.

Johnny missing Moira so much was really sweet.
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I absolutely convulsed with laughter when Stevie couldn't keep up her plant fa├žade for more than a minute, and then again when she couldn't do it on David's behalf either. I'm glad they're giving Emily Hampshire some better plotlines to work with this season, because she's killing it.
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that David absolutely knows how fucked up he is (unlike his sister)

I disagree with Alexis not knowing how fucked up she is.
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I'm just loving this season; I wonder whether David pretending to be the father of Roland Jr. will continue to be a plotline..
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