Top Chef: Carne!
January 23, 2019 9:14 AM - Season 16, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Lena Waithe surprises the chefs, by challenging them to make their best version of the trademark Kentucky dish, the Hot Brown. Then super-chef Nancy Silverton brings her internationally renowned friend, butcher Dario Cecchini to break down a whole cow for the chefs to utilize along with locally-sourced Kentucky ingredients.
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They really seemed to drop the ball this week at least according to Tom. I think they all got in their heads too much. Especially Brian. He has been talking all season how he's a butcher and loves meat and then to not make it all about the meat seems like a major misstep. He definitely is up and down depending on the week. Eddie...well, I guess Eddie can cook but he still can't shop and I'm never letting that go!

I fully expected Brandon to be bit of a more jerk about not going farther but I do admit that I probably was basing my whole opinion on him of his comments in the first episode. I guess I'll let that one go (but never Eddie's budgeting).
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I like episodes where everyone does well or everyone does poorly. It becomes less about figuring out who to throw under the bus and more about cooking.
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I think this week proved that Brian is a much better cook in theory than he is in practice, at least in the context of this competition. The choice to go with spinalis is a very meat-nerdy one, but man, you gotta cook it good.

I had the chance to go to Eddie's restaurant the day after this episode, even chat with him briefly, and that was a fucking transcendent meal. I'll leave it at this: I'm not surprised he's getting something of the same edit (and audience reaction, clearly) as his mentor Nick. (Also a super nice, easygoing if understated dude in person.) If he goes far, he's clearly going to get the same sort of "undeserved!" cries of protest. Those folks, who aren't eating the food, get big ol' eyerolls from me.
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I felt bad for Eddie when Padma kept asking why he didn't look happy, so I was glad he actually relaxed enough to smile on his own. Once the shopping issue was over it was much more obvious he is one of the best in this crew. I am also glad that Justin won the Hot Brown challenge!

I love episodes where all the chefs do well, but when they all do poorly it's a bummer. When they all seem to misinterpret the challenge like this I have to wonder if the producers explained things properly. Or maybe they are just tired out by this point and this is what happens.

Brian is fun but the last few episodes it has seemed like he was getting in over his head. So I didn't mind him leaving.
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Yeah, I relate to Eddie with those comments about his face as someone who has permanent angry and stressed face. As much as I hold onto that budgeting thing I am glad that he was able to relax and have somewhat of a happy time. I did love his reaction to winning the trip to Tuscany to work for the Carne! man (sorry, forgot his name). That genuine love of food and appreciation of the craft is what I love the most about top chef.

Brother this year on LCK and coming back and leaving again showed to me that there is something about cooking on Top Chef that can knock a chef about mentally. This may be a dumb question but are there cooking competitions that happen around the country for this level of cooking? Or is this the only experience they have with competition in their cooking lives?
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(Also a super nice, easygoing if understated dude in person.)

Except when he's shouting so loudly in the middle of service that you can hear him in the dining room.

But yeah Eddie seems at least a lot better, definitely don't think I've been getting the impression he's a poor cook.
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This may be a dumb question but are there cooking competitions that happen around the country for this level of cooking?

In Canada there is - the Canadian Culinary Championships. They start out as city-specific competitions amongst a handful of local chefs, then the winners of those go off to an annual competition to compete for the Gold Medal Plate. I assume that there is likely something similar in the US?
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