Tales from the Hood (1995)
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A trio of drug dealers encounter a strange funeral director who tells four strange tales of horror.

Directed by Rusty Cundieff (also known for the satirical Fear of a Black Hat), this horror anthology focuses urban-themed issues that plague the African American community including domestic abuse, police corruption, and gang violence. Clarence Williams III plays the funeral director in the wraparound segment.
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Tales from the Hood is currently playing on Shudder as part of their tribute to blaxploitation films this month.
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After Newton is killed, his body melts into the mural, becoming a painting of himself crucified.

Oh shit I watched this movie! And a terrifying David Allen Grier! And Clarence Williams III!
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Yep, David Allen Grier as the abusive stepfather.
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I'm glad Rusty Cundieff has had a career and gotten to do a lot of good work. But it's hard not to imagine the feature films he never got to make because Hollywood couldn't appreciate the value of black directors when he was coming up. He helped pave the way though.
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