Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Show 63 - Supernova in the East II
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Deep themes run through this show, with allegations of Japanese war crimes and atrocities in China at the start leading to eerily familiar, almost modern questions over how the world should respond. And then Dec 7, 1941 arrives...
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Some of the things I didn't know about were: the deep and abiding anti-communist faction in Japanese politics, the Kwantung Army, the apparent desire for markets and resources that drive IJA expansionism (Carlin seems to argue that the Southern Operation becomes necessary to ensure the continued war in China), and the extent of American economic pressure - and American anti-war feeling.

Did he mention Khalkhin Gol? I'm always up for Deep Battle / Deep Operations and the 30's Soviet Army.
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I have thoughts on this series but haven’t had the chance to sit down and write a comment so this is a placeholder to come back soon!
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