One Day at a Time: (2019) (Season 3)
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So while you're here, enjoy the view, keep on doing what you do!
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Looking forward to the rest of season 3, but my wife and I immediately agreed that reconciliation scene between Justina Machado and Melissa Fumero in “The Funeral” was the most sexually charged thing we’ve seen on the show to date O_o
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I zipped through 5 or 6 episodes last night and finished the rest of the season this morning. Another good season, and I hope they get an easy renewal for S4 instead of the struggle that getting S3 apparently was. Throw some of that canceled Marvel show money at them, Netflix, please?

The casting of Schneider's father was perfect. Like, I didn't really have any mental image in my head already, but when Ruck walked through the door my brain was like, "ah, of course that's him."
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I also watched this in its entirety yesterday and today. Such a delightful show and I really hope it gets a 4th season renewal.
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I hope it gets enough seasons for us to get the entire opening theme lyrics written into the Fanfare show page.
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Heyyyy I also have an LA Glads jersey, solidarity sister nerd!
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I am so so shipping Penelope/Schneider - the way they've been building up his centrality to the family and Penelope and the level of faith they have in each other, BE STILL MY HEART.
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my wife and I immediately agreed that reconciliation scene between Justina Machado and Melissa Fumero in “The Funeral” was the most sexually charged thing we’ve seen on the show to date

Um, YES, I had to rewind because I was like "wait. I thought they were cousins. But they're lovers??"

I am only halfway through but I have been thinking about how great it is that Syd gets to stay on the show. Most shows would introduce a Syd so they could have 1 or 2 episodes showing how they are very cool with non-binary people and then the NB character would vanish forever from the show. The Carmichael Show did this with a trans character, The Mindy Project did it with a woman who used a wheelchair. Seinfeld with a Native American character (although I think they just showed that at least 2 out of the 4 were racist). Just off the top of my head. But Syd gets to keep coming back, be a nerdy activist who is comfortable in their identity and able to express vulnerability.

I hope if Syd goes it is because they realize they are more mature than Elena and they want to be with someone who is equally understanding and generous in a relationship.
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Finally watched it and the bit with dealing with your ex moving on hit me pretty hard in the feels but in a good way.
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I am a white lady in MN with a loving, local family who I talk to and see all the time, plus a lovely spouse.

And still, every time they talked about cancellation (and now confirmed it) my first thought has been "Not my family!"

I love them. I guess me watching all the seasons over and over wasn't good enough for their numbers.
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Well, fuck. I'd been re-watching the series over the past couple of weeks, made it through to the second-to-last episode last night, and was hopeful that seeing it continually in the 'Trending Now' and 'Popular' categories of my Netflix page was a good sign. This was a great show, and I'm sad there won't be more.
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We just finished up the season last night and I'm really bummed that we won't see more of the Alverez family. This show has just been so heartfelt and charming. It's frustrating that Netflix is basically saying 'oh, no one watched so we can't renew" when they put in no effort to push it out to its audience -- We watched the first two seasons and had no idea that the 3rd season was about to drop and it wasn't in our 'new for you' or 'continue watching' or whatever menus.
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TV Line - One Day at a Time's Opening Title Sequence Axed Ahead of Pop TV Debut

I'd rather have the show back without the theme song than no show at all. Season 4 premiere date is set for March 24th.
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