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(I wasn't sure if the ellipsis instead of "Fuck" in the episode title was correct or just DVR/programming guide censorship, but figured I might as well keep the thread URL work safe.)

I'm drawing a complete blank on who Isaac is (was?), but I'd forgotten all about the lycanthropy curse too. I was a little thrown at first by Margo suddenly caring so much about Josh, I didn't get the sense they were particularly close, but I guess they did spend some time together in Fillory, and when she made that comment about not wanting to lose another friend, it made sense.

They really had me worried for a second there that Eliot was actually gone, so glad for the reveal that he's still around somewhere. (Now maybe next week they can explain what the deal was with Kady's new dog, and whatever she did to Marina.)
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Issac was the Uber driver persona that Josh had been turned into by the dean's spell. I suspect that the consequences of our protagonists detours in life as other people will be playing out for the foreseeable future.
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Not because I want to be pedantic, but because it's clever as hell, the actual title on the cover of the script is:

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Also: I finally find the monster legitimately terrifying. Watching Q (and me!) come to sort of bond with the monster over his weirdness and constant confusion, and so are primed to say goodbye to Eliot when we learn he's dead.

This thing is constantly interested in *learning about people,* has absorbed a tremendous amount about loss and grief very quickly, and the way it's applying those lessons makes it clear he is not adorable, even as we all get Stockholm Syndromed by him.

Also, seeing Eliot again just highlights how different and alien The Monster is from Eliot. Hale Appleman is unreal.

Also, also: Kind of love how Eliot's little prison at Brakebills bleeds off into sketchbook at the edges of the final shots of that panning out. I think that's a throwback to the "Storybook" elements of S3 associated with the quest (and thus the monster).

The opening title seemed very different to me somehow, and it was pointed out on Reddit that all the graffiti from the original three seasons has been scrubbed off, but there's instead now a propaganda poster in the bottom corner. Irene McAlister and the New Library Order.
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I think maybe Kady sucked the bad luck out of the bear and put it in something she gave Marina? Or something?
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Hale Appleman is unreal

If there was justice in this world he'd be getting some nominations for his work this year. But this is genre TV and the odds are sooo slim.

I was frankly worried we'd never see Eliot again. I knew that it would foolish for the show to completely kill him off but still, one is rarely rational when the fan boy takes over.
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"think maybe Kady sucked the bad luck out of the bear and put it in something she gave Marina? Or something?"

She transformed the bear into one of the coins that they were using (for which I forget the proper name) so that Marina would take it and keep it on her person, not suspecting it to be a terrible luck magnet.
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If there was justice in this world he'd be getting some nominations for his work this year. But this is genre TV and the odds are sooo slim.

I have no hopes also. It took Tatiana Maslany playing literally a dozen different characters to win that Emmy, and Orphan Black is basically in the same field as The Magicians.
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I kept thinking Josh was having his sex hallucination with Margo "helping" him out. But no she really did that. Go King/Queen Margo!

I wonder if this is one way for the writers to give Margo more to do later in the season since she'd be worrying about her kingdom plus this curse, and Josh would be back to his helpful role instead of more front and center like in this episode.
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I'm just going to say it - this episode was a ham-handed filler. The two storylines with Josh/Margo and Julia/Penny seemed stilted and out-of-character.

I definitely buy Margo going full 'find a solution' on Josh since she can't fix Eliot, but her post-coital vulnerability was not particularly earned.

Meanwhile, Penny and Julia's naked anointing was just... c'mon. Stupid. I don't mind a little eye candy, but the whole vibe felt off. If I recall correctly, Penny23 had an actual relationship with Julia 23 and she died. Shouldn't that moment of nudity have been weird and painful for him as well as titillating and awkward? That felt like a real missed opportunity to flesh out Penny23 as something other than Penny-with-a-crush.
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