New Girl: Background Check
November 6, 2014 2:57 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Jess freaks out about a secret she's worried will come out during a police home visit for Winston and then things snowball.

Coach ends up filming the exact same scene as Dre from blackish, much to his embarrassment.
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There's also a walkthrough with the writers of New Girl.
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I am SO GLAD that Winston gets validation in this episode through the inspecting officer saying Winston will make an exemplary cop. While zany Winston is fun, I feel he's too often relegated to a C-line "and then WInston is really weird" storyline, while the other members of the loft get to be zany AND have an emotional heart to their plot lines. Lamorne Morris crushes it each episode, and the emotional payout of having Jess admit she thought he'd fail out of the academy - and be proved wrong - felt a long time coming. I'm enjoying his storyline this season a lot, and it's rewarding having him earn a well-deserved success.
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I do laugh when I watch it, but I really miss Nick and Jess.

Also, the way Schmidt pronounced mahi-mahi? Almost as good as chut-eh-ney.
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