25th Hour (2002)
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The story of the last twenty-four hours Monty Brogan (Norton) gets to spend with his two best friends and his girlfriend before he goes to prison for seven years for pushing heroin.
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I thought it was quite good, slower than the other Spike Lee movies I've seen. Thought that Tony Siragusa's accent work was great didn't realize it was him until after so goes to show that he didn't stick out.
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Lee is a pretty inconsistent filmmaker but when he's good he's one of the one of the greatest. This is probably Norton's best roll and at least in Lee's top 5.
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This is just devastating.
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I quite enjoyed the movie. It gave me the feeling that if you knew a middle-class, private school drug dealer and his friends, they'd be exactly like this. I also think the way the movie treats the upcoming prison sentence as a nightmare-- the music used to create the portentous mood got to be a little much for me-- but also as part of the job, is very good. "I got greedy," Monty says at one point; he'd been getting ready to retire when he was caught, or at least he now thinks so.

Looking at the Salon review, I think the criticism of Monty's fixation on prison rape is fair, but only up to a point. It seems realistic that a character would fixate on a weird assortment of things in this situation. In the book Monty bitterly characterizes his 35-year-old, emerging from prison self as a punk with prison-issue dentures. And then he goads the Barry Pepper character into breaking his teeth, hurrying up the process in a way. Benioff and Lee have me convinced that of course someone in this position will think like that, and that it's almost proper for them to.
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Huh, I didn't realize that the screenplay (and novel) for this was written by David Benioff, the showrunner for Game of Thrones.
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The book is terrific. Benioff can really write.
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