Broad City: The Final Season
February 22, 2019 12:06 PM - Season 5 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Abbi and Ilana wrap things up.

It didn't seem like there was enough momentum for per-episode posts, but I wanted a thread where people could discuss any episode or the season overall.
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I barely remember S4. Was that the one with the Hillary Clinton cameo?

Anyway, S5 is firing on all cylinders. They are definitely not coasting to the end.
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i'm really enjoying this season EXCEPT i feel like they're leaning waaaaaay too hard on gross out humor. that's always been a small part of the show (maybe larger than i remember and i'm blocking it out) but stuff like abbi's poop bucket and ilana's nasty ass feet are really not doing it for me.
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The doctor ever-so-slowly opening the hospital curtain in the hopes Abbi would ask her out was so perfect.
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tonight's episode wrecked me =(
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Yeah, @JimBennett, me too! I was crying throughout. I think a lot of real emotion goes into these performances because Abbi and Ilana are close in real life, and the show is coming to an end.

I LOVED this episode. Abbi and Ilana's argument/discussion juxtaposed with the performance was beautiful. The issues it brought up, re: moving into adulthood and moving away/adjusting from those intense friendships from your 20s, is so real.

I also loved the new roommate and the Great Danes!
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Clea DuVall's cameo was sublime in irony.
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What did y'all think of the ending? So sweet. I really enjoyed the idea of a sequel featuring Abby and Ilana each biking their way across a post-apocalyptic hellscape to Saint Louis, and then both doing their best to create huge spectacles in order to find each other.
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Mostly textbook ending, executed perfectly.

I know it was an aside gag, but the toilet being stolen off the bridge was the funniest moment.
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Oh and also I went to Sleep No More and didn't see like half of those rooms. It's VERY DARK throughout. I was wondering if all the rooms they showed were real like the zombie guy & the candy shop & I just missed them or were they added to support the story.
posted by bleep at 3:02 PM on March 29, 2019

a cursory google shows that the candy room is definitely real. i don't think they really needed to make anything up, they probably wrote the scenes around the rooms in the play. supposedly it's much larger than people think, you're definitely not supposed to see everything in just one go.
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