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March 9, 2019 12:03 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Mark Sheppard guest stars as John Constantine Willoughby Kipling.

OK, that was fun.

* Exposition via singing magic horse head may be even better than via puppet show.
* I liked Hammerhead having some reservations about Cliff even though punching Nazis is a time honored superhero tradition.
* It was good to see consequences for Rita and Cyborg based on their conversations last time too.
* Becoming a magic clown and awaiting the end of the world does indeed seem like a poor reward for services rendered.
* Poor Book Boy.

Den of Geek review.
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As you said, this was a fun episode that actually hung together well, dealt with the consequences of the past and set up some problems (and maybe solutions) for the future. It would have been nice if Kipling had been less like Constantine and a little more of his own character, but that's a pretty small complaint.
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The horsehead was fun, but what's up with the nail coming out of its head?

Digging Rita's retro outfits. Jane also changes her outfits from episode to episode too, right? Whereas the boys seem to have a single set of clothing (other than Cliff's changing 'ironic' tshirts).

Have always been a fan of Mark Sheppard. Appreciating Brendan Fraser's voice work, but the role is in his wheelhouse.
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It would have been nice if Kipling had been less like Constantine and a little more of his own character, but that's a pretty small complaint.
Phil Foglio explained it in Stanley and His Monster:
Disreputable Urban Magicians and Sorcerers Union
You learn the basics, have a hideous experience in a graveyard, they give you a trenchcoat and steal your razor. Like an assembly line, really.
DC apparently barred Foglio from using either Constantine or Willoughby, thus this introduction of Ambrose Bierce.

Added: Brian Cronin has further detail, including both characters introductions.
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These are turning out way more fun than Titans was.

It makes me so goddam happy to see Brendan Fraser working in this.  He's always had the most amazing comic timing—which he doesn't get enough credit for—and I'm thrilled it's being put to use.  I cackled at "Nurnheim suuuucccks!"  I've missed seeing him in things.  Just so so so very glad he's back.

Definitely liking this lighter touch on the script while covering many of the same themes that Titans has. If they'd made Titans to match this tonally I think they'd have hit it out of the park.

Baphomet man, too funny.  Hearing it segue to Horse With No Name as they cut away was golden.  Still, give me more Tudyk, dammit!
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This was the best episode yet and Baphomet was the best part of it.
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this show is quickly catching up to Legends of Tomorrow as my favorite bonkers show that somehow also earns its emotional gut punches

I thought the Baphoment song was familiar and when it turned into Horse With No Name I was ecstatic and it was an amazing moment.
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The horsehead was fun, but what's up with the nail coming out of its head?

In the comic version, Baohomet appears as the head of Falada the horse in the Brothers Grimm story "The Goose Girl". In the comic Baphomet leads with" A horse is a horse of course of course" from Mr. Ed. It makes sense to change that, since nobody remembers the famous Mr. Ed.

I thinkcFrankly they needed to pushy Willoby even more toward the comic version; even more self-serving and cowardly.

But then again the biggest problem I have with the show is I keep comparing it with the comic. It's going to come up lacking.
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In this episode I started to think of this series as an extended Dr. Who episode & I'm loving it. (Canton Everet Delaware III is the HBO version who smokes & is gridmark
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