Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Brexit III
March 11, 2019 1:02 AM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The episode of Last Week Tonight that aired three weeks ago was about the continuing situation of Brexit, a cliff the UK is bound and determined to drive off of because of leadership. The main story is on YouTube.

I am continuing LWT posts, but in a greatly shortened form unless there's something in particular to link, or else I'm just going to fall away from making the posts again. If anyone wants to contribute links, more information or obsessive nitpicking, they are welcome to do so in the comments.

I'll post the following episodes in the coming days so as not to inundate Fanfare's front page.
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Thanks for the work you've done on these, JHarris. I'll try to take a few notes on episodes when I watch so I've got something to add. (And I'm usually at least a day behind watching them, sometimes more.)

I definitely need New Zealand stickers and lots of them.
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Thanks much. If we each add a little bit, we could end up with a very nice collective post!
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