Veep: Debate
June 2, 2014 12:12 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Selina prepares for a debate with her primary opponents; Mike's wife writes an article about the vice president.
posted by troika (8 comments total)
This episode was a bit so-so and didn't have quite the zing of some others more recently, but Selina's haircut was certainly nice!
posted by turbid dahlia at 2:54 PM on June 2, 2014

Did not enjoy this one - Season 3 seems not as strong as as the previous 2. And when I say strong I mean funny.
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 4:37 PM on June 2, 2014

I didn't laugh out loud at much at this one, but I thought it was probably setting up the inevitable collapse of Selina's campaign.

I've thought this season has been great, overall, however.
posted by codacorolla at 5:03 PM on June 2, 2014

The guy with the plug was my favorite part. He didn't get much to do, but I think it was just enough without getting too ridiculous.
posted by doctornecessiter at 3:45 AM on June 3, 2014 [1 favorite]

I guess one question from a plot standpoint is which one of these dinguses Selina is going to be Veeping for eventually. My money is on Johnny Baseball.
posted by codacorolla at 6:04 AM on June 3, 2014

I didn't go much for the debate either, but the two congressmen and Ben cracking jokes the whole time was great. Plus, the twitch -- was that in any part a nod to Seinfeld?
posted by michaelh at 6:14 PM on June 3, 2014

i laughed a fair amount at this episode but i really really REALLY love political debates. i didn't really care about the mike's wife maybe writing a story about ray thing or the totally forgettable speechwriter. the behind the scenes debate comments sold this whole episode for me.

selina's hair was fierce, though.
posted by kerning at 9:50 PM on June 3, 2014 [2 favorites]

Probably my own personal pet peeve, but I really disliked the tired "She looks like a lesbian with that short haircut" jokes. LOLshorthair=lesbian, amirite?

Sheesh, I thought the Veep writing was better than that!

However, this most recent episode, "Crate", was much, much better and I cannot wait for the FanFare post on it!
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 12:41 PM on June 9, 2014

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