Queer Eye: Queer Eye Season 3
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In episode 1 I appreciated when one of them (I think Jonathan) pointed out that it was day in the "studio" or whatever they call their place but in the footage they were supposedly watching in real time, it was night. LOL.

Love this show and all it's weird sweetness.

Bonus footage suggestion: 3 hours of Karamo modeling every one of his bomber jackets.
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I still love this show as much as I did in season 1. I'm still pretty sure JVN doesn't know what he's doing with Black women's hair (although I lack the knowledge to say for certain).
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Ep1 French tuck alert!

Tan, pointedly, to the camera: "Shut up, everyone, I'm giving her a French tuck."
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That episode one French tuck just about killed me. But I did like the outfits Tan came up with for the Jones BBQ sisters, so that redeemed Tan in my eyes.

I think the Jones sisters and the Jess episodes were my favorites.
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Another good interview - this one with Tan France in the Guardian ’The word gay was never mentioned in my parents’ home’.
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Man, I sure hope that was a new piano Jess wound up with. Because if Bobby took that totally awesome aqua (teal?) and yellow one she had (that I'm willing to bet was hand-painted by Jess and/or her roommates as a "reclamation" project for a freebie/trash-pick) and made it the same damn black as every other piano on the planet . . . . dude, no. Boooooooooooring.
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I wept so many happy tears again.

Except for the whole "spirit animal" horror show. It would have been so great for Karamo to say, "hey, why don't we stay nerdy and say patronus instead, spirit animal isn't ours to use". And then not have the whole fab five double down on it at the end.
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I am not surprised at all to find that Karamo worked as a social worker and therapist, he's really really good at it.
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Here's a link to the Jones Bar-B-Q (KC) Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce, direct from the source, either as 1 bottle, 3 or 6 pack. Note: at a 1 bottle purchase, the shipping (in the US) is more than the bottle.

Also, the site currently notes "Please allow a 7-10 day delay in shipping as we have been overwhelmed at the response and will send your order as soon as we can." :)
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The whole "spirit animal" thing felt like such a weird misstep for this show, especially when they brought it back at the end. They'll certainly be called out, but I imagine they'll apologize with thoughtfulness, though.

But so much loveliness! I think the Jess episode was my favorite, but all were delightful. The makeovers they do on everyone are amazing -- they're not really "makeovers" really, just "here is you, but the version of you that you can be." It's just delightful for me to see people feeling confident about how they look and how that's a reflection of who they are on the inside.

This show makes me want to be a better version of myself and I like that.
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I grew up in the Kansas City area, so seeing familiar sites and places was fun.

I totally want that BBQ sauce - there are many excellent Kansas City BBQ sauces, but I always felt the best come from tiny little places like that. We used to go to a place called Snead's, that at the time was kinda out in the middle of nowhere, and almost looked like someone parked a double-wide trailer and built it out into a restaurant. To me, it's not BBQ if you don't come home with your clothes smelling like hickory smoke.

(At the moment I have a bottle each of Jack Stack and Gates sauces in my kitchen. I made Dad bring them when he visited a few months ago.)

Bruley the Frenchie has an Instagram!!
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I've only watched the first episode and I may have just been in a mood but it felt oddly silenced. Like, there were clearly large parts of Joey's life not discussed. Her first marriage, her work as a prison guard, which seemed like a huge issue to just sidestep - instead everything pivots on the death of her brother decades earlier and growing up a tomboy. It felt like a lot happened off screen that they to edit out and the episode just feels off.
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I love them etc. etc. but on the food front, I feel like they are not being very aware and are recommending really labor and/or cost expensive stuff. Like homemade fish sticks in episode 6 (have to buy the fresh fish, pay for the macadamian nuts, then fry and clean up, all from someone who is used to using the microwave to reheat foot for time purposes); spitroasted food from the dude who eats in an elementary school cafeteria at camp; and homemade ramen for a broke 23 year old. And I get that Antoni is trying to step up his game, but it feels totally undoable in the longterm.

I felt similarly about some of Bobby's home makeovers.

Also, critique-wise, Kamaro's exercise in Episode 1 involving random women and forcing them all to bond and hold hands felt extremely forced.

Finally, there's a bit too much YES QUEENing from Jonathan, and I'm still not totally sure he understands black hair.

All that being said, yes it's delightful to watch, yes I love them all, yes I get why you would sign up for the show, and also sign me up.
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Also extremely unclear to me why "sloth to slay" was chosen. He seems like any 21 year old, maybe even better. (In some ways better than my 30 year old brother.) Was there no one else who applied that was a better fit? He's got good grooming and a nice place and decent cooking for a 21 year old...
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recommending really labor and/or cost expensive stuff

Like macadamia nuts as breading for fish sticks. They're kinda pricy.

(on review, I guess you already highlighted that particular recipe.)
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About Tony from Baby on Board - what was the plan in that family if the Queer Eye application didn't go through?? To buy more bottled water?
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Like macadamia nuts as breading for fish sticks. They're kinda pricy.

Cost might be a fair criticism when the person being made over is shown to be short on money, but I didn't see any of that in the Elrod episode.
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