Climax (2018)
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omg, please tellme this is NOT a horror film, crazy dance is great, debauchery in dance could be squirmy or well yeah sure yum, intense -- yes yes yes, hurts, pain is just part of stretching pushing a bit too far but dance is life, a room filled with dancers on acid just going for it, wanna be there!

(take lots of orange juice along)

(never done acid so don't now how it would be to dance high like that, probably it'd *feel* like the wild scenes in the trailer but watching the videos later the next day it'd probably be more shuffling and swaying so some imperceptible rhythm)

(oj is a advice from elder acidheads from long ago)

(meet up?)
posted by sammyo at 5:46 PM on March 19, 2019

sammyo, it might not be a horror movie to the extent that Noé's Irreversible was, but it's certainly horrible; extremely intense and crazy, uncomfortable. pure movement building towards a violent, well, climax.
posted by sapagan at 12:08 AM on March 22, 2019

Sounds like the first 20 minutes would be enough for you and me both, sammyo. I've seen enough of Noe's descents into brutality to stop there, but the smart review at Deep Focus linked above suggests those opening dance scenes are *really* gorgeously shot and performed.
posted by mediareport at 6:28 AM on March 22, 2019

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