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4 years ago there was some talk on adding comics. I would still like this. What do y'all think?
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Sure! I tried to do a comic book club (starting with Saga) a while back, but it ended up petering out due to lack of responses/interest. Reviving that tag wouldn't be the worst idea to make it easier to find comics on there.
posted by dinty_moore at 6:53 AM on March 27, 2019 [1 favorite]

I'm supportive, though not sure how much I'd participate. There are a few series I'd be interested in a re-read (Sandman, Lucifer, Strangers in Paradise, to name a few), but I'm not really keeping current with comics these days.
posted by jzb at 1:46 AM on March 29, 2019

I think the problem is this is such a wide field. I mean I would love to bitch and moan about 'Tec 1000 this week, but I'm not reading (for example) Saga.

I'm not sure if it would be workable to have a weekly comics thread (all new releases this week) or if that would be too big a tent and wouldn't be conducive to discussion (I'm in one corner wanting to chat about Hawkman, jzb is in another with a copy of Lucifer, etc.)

I guess the other option is to many do polls of people wanting to re-read certain titles or famous runs, but I'm not sure how much interest that would generate either.

I am glad that you're thinking about the issue, signal. I just wish I had some better solutions to propose.
posted by sardonyx at 1:06 PM on March 29, 2019 [1 favorite]

Where someone wants to discuss a TPB collection or an original graphic novel, there's nothing to stop them simply introducing that as a one-off book post, is there? If there's enough interest in discussing it, the thread will take off and if not, not.

Re-reading a (very) major comics series might work, though I think you'd need to give each individual issue its own thread if the discussion is not going to become impossibly baggy and shapeless. That's how the TV rewatch threads work, and my guess is that a comics re-read thread would look like a smaller-scale version of those. Perhaps a "book club" model setting a weekly issue-by-issue schedule for the re-read would work here?

Catch-all threads like "the week's new comics" are unlikely to work as the responses would be far too scattershot. If everyone's posting about a different title - as I think would happen - no discussion can even begin. Where there's an "event" comic like Detective #1000, that might work as a one-off on the TPB/graphic novel lines I've already mentioned.

Ultimately, all you can do is try one of these ideas and see if it works.
posted by Paul Slade at 1:23 AM on March 31, 2019

I vote for the series re-watch style, as I don t read floppies anymore, only compilations
posted by eustatic at 5:30 PM on March 31, 2019

I would be interested, if it affords the same structured plasticity of choices as other areas of Fanfare.
posted by not_on_display at 7:26 PM on March 31, 2019

I'm interested! I would be most interested in series re-watch style as well.
posted by smartyboots at 11:15 AM on April 1, 2019

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