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This week, PJ and Alex open up the phone lines and try to solve your problems, big and small. Don't type like my brother.Further Reading: JusoorInstitute of International Education PEER Michael Bazzel's workbook to remove your personal information online
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Whew shit gets *real* around minute 40
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Yeah, damn. I really, really love Reply All.
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"I am a PJ and an Alex!" Damn, who was cutting onions during this?
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I want to keep the bit with the last caller for the next time someone tries to argue for the travel ban. Some people respond a lot better to individual stories than dry facts.
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I have never been able to listen to the Q&A section of any live podcast ever. I dunno what it is about me. I know I have the reverse of schadenfreude so that’s probably a component.

I skipped some seconds of this one but on the whole this was listenable to me, and at some points (esp yeah after 40mins) downright poignant.

Sigh. I do love this show.
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That last caller was so hard to listen to but so worth it. I am super impressed with his English skills! It's funny to me that kids now learn foreign languages via YouTube, but it's a great way to learn conversational speech.

That caller was a really good example of what Reply All *is.* It's "a show about the internet" but it's so much more. Technically the caller was having trouble applying to a Canadian university because his name is in all caps. But that was just a small window into a much bigger story.
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They had a good chat with the congressional intern but they said byebye before he got to ask a question!
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(I sort of assume they cut the question for whatever reason)

That last caller sure was a huge rush of unexpected feelings. I'll listen to PR and Dominican folks on youtube because it can be hard to find general Spanish language media with those accents and they're super hard to understand unless you have regular exposure to them (they're like the Scots of the Spanish speaking world, accent-wise).
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