You're the Worst: Series Finale
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Just dropping a reminder to anyone else who might be interested, the series finale of Your the Worst is tonight.

In case you've not been watching, this final season has been leading up to the marriage of Gretchen and Jimmy, and has been pretty exceptional at times. Each episode this season has begun with a flash-forward, intimating that maybe things aren't going to go as planned. Or, maybe they do?
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A quite nice episode, actually. They paid-off the flash-forwards satisfyingly well. The final scene pretty much sums-up both the series as well as Gretchen and Jimmy’s relationship...
Gretchen: “You know there's always a possibility that someday I might leave my phone and keys at home and step in front of a train. You know that, right?”

Jimmy: “Yeah. But I'll get over it really quickly. Like, record-setting”
Overall, I enjoyed the series quite a lot. I especially appreciated the show attempting to work with Gretchen’s depression, though sometimes it seemed to be used somewhat superficially. But, when they got it right, it felt spot on.
posted by Thorzdad at 6:24 PM on April 4, 2019

I was very satisfied with the ending. I was scared to watch it and find out what horrible way Gretchen and Jimmy messed everything up. But the way it worked out made perfect sense for their relationship. It was a good way to go out, though I will miss those characters.
posted by bluloo at 7:29 PM on April 4, 2019

I will miss them too, this show has been with me for the last five years.

And season 5, in general, made for a considerably better watch for me, than season 4 did.

Mountain Goats' No Children finally was - while terribly on the nose - also the perfect song choice to go out with.
posted by bigendian at 9:09 PM on April 4, 2019

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