Killing Eve: Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?
April 7, 2019 7:19 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Eve is reeling from her act of violence against Villanelle and doesn't know whether she is alive or dead. A paranoid and severely injured Villanelle manages to get herself to the hospital for treatment. Carolyn approaches Eve with an opportunity.
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So! Good!

I had forgotten how much dread underpins the show; I think because Villanelle is never predictable, any interaction involving her and other people is fraught with menace. We know she's not stupid or prone to rash decisions, but still--the scene where she's rifling through someone's purse in a hospital room and the person comes back mid-rifle? Definitely thought that lady was a goner.

That scene also contrasts interestingly with the scene near the end with Gabriel; it was like you could see the dawn of empathy come over Villanelle as Gabriel is talking, like kids do and like I imagine anyone who's lived through a traumatic accident and has survivor's guilt would, about how he wishes he'd died, too. She nods, and then he says something to the effect of, "can you imagine living the rest of your life like this?" and you can see on her face, Jodie Comer is amazing, Villanelle doing the calculus of just what it would be like (for her? for him?) and then take action to solve his problem--not considering that he might feel differently the next day, or that while he might have meant it, he probably didn't MEAN it.

Also, I love Carolyn so much. From her patterned shoes and bracelet-length sleeves to the keen and cutting observation that Eve can save the "reluctant ingenue" act for her husband, she's such an interesting character in a show full of them. Of COURSE she chats up random children in parks (and so hilarious that they were sitting there just like two spies before Eve got there).
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I knew what was going to happen at the end of that conversation with Gabriel, but it still hurt. In a sense she did it out of compassion, but she was missing a lot of the pieces when she made that calculation.

Also, did anyone else get a lesbonic vibe between Carolyn and the coroner? I’m just going to assume that anytime Carolyn brings in an old contact, that she’s slept with them at some point.
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I love Carolyn so much.

"What do people do at home?"
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Shoes! Villanelle's disgust at having to put on Crocs was so so funny, and then Carolyn's expensive flats and Eve's always sensible sneakers or working shoes. I love the way this show has women talking about women and doing serious intelligent work while existing- Eve eating her entire filled to the brim bag of candy and smacking the one stray piece of candy from the boy's outstretched hand, the mortuary bar pulled out and eating fast food, the mounds of vegetables in the kitchen - they eat because they want to.

And Eve's fingers kept getting bloodstained throughout the episode, didn't they? She was constantly rubbing at them, and then her cuticles would get bloody again, and then they would clear, and then she would be stained again.
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The promising diagnosis Villanelle gives to the wife of a clearly nearly dead patient, provoked a sick laugh from me. But with a punch, as despite what the wife can see right before her, her husband barely alive, she believes the diagnosis. Villanelle lifting the purse during the comforting embrace ends that scene perfectly. That interlaced, competing arc of the humor and the sociopathy is what I love about this show.
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I didn't actually think V killing the boy was in character -- not that she would object to a mercy killing, but I don't think she would have bothered in this case. (Also, why is V, an adult, in a room with a teenager?)

I enjoyed it but not as much as season 1, though probably my bar was too high.
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Dying here, S1 was such an unexpected thrill ride binge, wanna take drugs (coffee) and do the second season in one blast but would have to wait and omg it's started and amd going to watch soon but not sure I can deal with weekly pauses in the action... modern media, arghhhh
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I loved the fancy pajamas in un hôpital pour enfants - is this really a thing?

Curious that Villanelle ended up in one, but the cutoff might be high enough that she might physically qualify? Or was it a choice based on her psychologically assessed age, based on interviews?

That's not happening in the US unless you're asking and paying for it...
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porpoise: Given that she was dumped on the hospital’s actual doorstep, they may have had no choice but to take her in. And from her face alone, she reads fairly young so...?


Weird though that when she referenced her husband, a detective, no one did a double take.

I’m gonna go with the “It’s TV” hand wave.
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Good point about her playing the domestic abuse card.
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I am interested to see where they go with this season. I wonder if we'll ultimately get some sort of Eve and Villanelle team up where they work together to take down the 12 or unmask the 12 or something like that.
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Anybody here with experience (or knows someone with experience) with French ER's?
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No, but I'm pretty sure they don't keep the prescription drugs in a closet...
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I didn't actually think V killing the boy was in character -- not that she would object to a mercy killing, but I don't think she would have bothered in this case.

He was dead the moment she told him "I'm going to see my girlfriend in England," wasn't he? She didn't just kill him because she felt sorry for him, she killed him because he knew too much about her.
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Btw, I laughed uproariously at "yeah, well, your parents are dead" right as my roommate was coming home. It lost something in the explanation.

In general this show has a lot of what I once heard described as "sharp spiky moments of humor" - lines that just come out of nowhere and catch you off guard. It's not objectively the funniest show I've watched recently, yet it has made me laugh out loud the most, because of the unexpected ways the funny lines are deployed.
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