Doom Patrol: Jane Patrol
April 13, 2019 2:24 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Cliff takes a walk through Jane's memory lane.

This one was a difficult watch - the episode itself probably needs a content warning for the creepy scenes with Kay and her father. That said, it was strong work all around: Diane Guerrero differentiates a bunch of different personalities, and Brendan Frasier gets to work in his own skin for a while to good effect.

Other stuff:
* We see a bunch of Jane's personalities, not all of whom look like her. Hammerhead was exactly what I was expecting.
* Both Negative Man and Vic are at least passingly familiar with the Magic School Bus. Somehow.

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posted by mordax (1 comment total)
This must be one of those shows where the set designers and decorators must just have an absolute blast (either that or they're constantly tearing their hair out screaming, "you want to us to create what, with what budget?").

As stated by mordax, both of the main actors put in really strong performances. While Jane isn't my favourite character on the team, this was an interesting episode, and I didn't mind spending the time in her head.
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