Knightfall? (It's got Mark Hamill!)
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Knightfall - anyone watching - worth watching/ discussing?
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I'm sold.
posted by miss-lapin at 2:40 PM on April 19, 2019

Oh, it's about Templars? Go on...
posted by lefty lucky cat at 5:35 PM on April 19, 2019

Just saw the first episode.

Hero costuming is ok. The CGI is only about as good as console computer games (not even renderings, but in-engine graphics). The battle direction is a little jejune with lots of slow mo.

The acting and writing is terribad.

The opening scene establishes that the Christians are run out of Acre, the last Christian stronghold in the Holy Lands, and the scene ends with them losing the Holy Grail. Then it flashbacks 12 years and turns into a coming of age story targeted at tweens/ teens.

From the pilot, it seems like 'Templars' are a generic fill-in for some random Christian military sect, rather than Templars-Templars; they throw in a little mysticism, but nothing serious/ historical/ fiction-authentic - some excuse to kick off a finding the Grail in France arc.

There's a weird anti-semiticism story-arc going on here, too.

Possibly interesting is a story arc involving a Monk-Knight and a woman.

Hamill doesn't even show up in the pilot.

I'm passing.
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ah, that's disappointing. thanks for the summary-slash-warning.
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Can you recommend any legit good Templar shows/ movies?

I'm basing mine on rando occult stuff from my teens, but mostly Darklands and where it lead me to explore the Christian texts and the metadiscussion about that kind of stuff. You know, like Baphomet and stuff.
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There's not a lot of proper Templar movies - there's Kingdom of Heaven, Ironclad and Arn all come to mind. There's plenty of movies about the Crusades though (for example just about every Robin Hood movie, all the many version of Ivanhoe, Hearts and Armour, Lionheart). If you're looking for more supernatural movies with Templars in them there's the Blind Dead movies, though those are more films set in a contemporary setting with Zombie Templars. There's the pretty stupid Season of the Witch and there's Black Death which isn't really a Crusade movie or a Templar movie but set roughly during the early Crusades.
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